“No Plans” to Replace Uncharted: Golden Abyss & Gravity Rush in the PlayStation Plus IGC

Ever since PlayStation Plus first launched for the PlayStation Vita back in November 2012, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush have been offered as free titles in the Instant Game Collection for both North American and European PS+ members. Last year, it appeared as though both games would be rotating out in November 2013 once 1 full year had passed, but PlayStation ultimately decided to leave them in because “we don’t feel that it is the right time to change them.”

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dbjj120882191d ago

Everyone should play Gravity Rush, no matter what. Especially being free via PS+

minimur122191d ago

Well to be honest, those games are proper AAA quality titles with a story, and personally besides Killzone Merc there hasn't been a game that has surpassed it's quality, Soul Sacrafice? Maybe, but I personally prefered UC to SS alot more

darthv722191d ago

I need me a bigger memory card. i have uncharted, wipeout and Stardust on there along with a few PSP and PSMini games. i have no more room for gravity rush otherwise i would take your advise dbjj.

PoSTedUP2191d ago

i think LBPvita could go up there. tearaway is prob too new. LBPvita is just massive and remarkable, a lot of these ppl creating levels top a lot of AAA indie devs, imo. its like, free AAA indie games, why pay $5-15 a pop when you have LBP?. i havent been "Wow'd" in a while from indie games, LBP does it almost every day if not every other day for me.

lategamer2190d ago

Killzone, Little Big Planet, Tearaway, Persona 4, and probably a few others could be seen as AAA.

dbjj120882187d ago

I still haven't played Uncharted Golden Abyss. I haven't been interested in Soul Sacrifice either.

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Irishguy952191d ago

It just kept getting better and better, can't wait for the second one.

The second one was announced a while back by the way if anyone missed that. I missed it.

PoSTedUP2191d ago

agreed. GR2 has become my second most anticipated game. i have high expectations for it.

stragomccloud2190d ago

Everyone should go out and buy Gravity Rush since it's such an amazing game!

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ftwrthtx2191d ago

What would they replace them with? That Black Ops game? Meh.

Danganronpa could be a great title for PS+ though.

Neonridr2191d ago

I just picked up a used Vita yesterday. Isn't that just perfect that I can download both of those titles for free.

Silly gameAr2191d ago

I think it's just perfect for anyone that owns a Vita to download these for free if they own a Vita and PS plus. :/

Neonridr2191d ago

lol, well obviously it's not perfect for say a PS3 owner ;)

I was merely referring to my specific situation. I was looking at buying a used copy of uncharted for dirt cheap, but now I see I can download the game for free because I have PS+. Bonus..

TongkatAli2191d ago

Welcome to the light side cause the Vita may be dark, but its community of users are sooo chill and nice and we don't talk shit like ......... nm : )

Neonridr2191d ago

thanks. I got to try out the Remote Play feature last night in bed and I have to say I loved it. Was playing the PS4 version of Tomb Raider on the Vita.

BX812191d ago

Give me uncharted 4!

minimur122191d ago

Seeing this as one of the adverts below:

I just thought...

what if UC4 is based around MARISA from GA.


KillerPwned2191d ago

Even though I already played both games they should be remastered for PS4. They both can utilize the touchpad.

BX812191d ago

I like Uncharted more with out the touch pad but I would mos def buy it remastered for the ps4

KillerPwned2190d ago

3 disagrees well people I would be interested to hear your opinion seriously to with respect. Usually I would not care if you agree or disagree but I'm curious on this topic.

TheLastGuardian2190d ago

Maybe Uncharted, but I want Gravity Rush to remain a Vita exclusive franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.