Yakuza: Ishin! is Ridiculously Fun

Toshi Nakamura of Kotaku writes "The latest game in the Yakuza franchise is loads of fun."

"Seriously, after over 30 hours, I still haven't had enough."

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Abash2191d ago

With how successful the PS4 is worldwide, I'd say SEGA has a good chance of releasing it in the west

Yi-Long2190d ago

I want this in Japanese, with English subs, released (uncut) in the west.

dale_denton2190d ago

i made a japan account just to dl the demo.. no freakin idea what is going on but the gameplay is really fun.

AceBlazer132191d ago

Played the demo andi agree. Comon Sega bring it over.

Inception2190d ago

- Yakuza HD
- Yakuza Kenzan
- Yakuza 5
- Yakuza Ishin
- Yakuza Black Panther 1 & 2

Sega need to localize them all. But lately i learn some japanese to play Yakuza 5 and someone already made a detailed Y5 guide in english. So, if there's no single hope about localization than i just buy the japanese version and play it with a guide.

hulk_bash19872190d ago

Please Sega, on all that is good and holy in this world, localize this for a western release. I will buy it up in a heart beat. I get super jealous watching live streams on my PS4.

SuperYakuzaFan2190d ago

This live streaming will change localization forever for the better.

hulk_bash19872190d ago

It certainly is a welcomed feature to be able to see what games people are playing all around the world, directly from my PS4.

SuperYakuzaFan2190d ago

Definitely will help in the long run on PS4, right now MGSV japanese version will come with english subtitles and i'm sure FFXV will also, if only the Ryu Ga Gotoku(Yakuza) Series will do that.

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