PS Vita abandons support for social app Foursquare

Sony has announced that from April 1st PS Vita will not support the Foursquare app anymore, the application is no longer present on the store from February 12.

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mixelon2184d ago

I had absolutely no idea there even was a foursquare app... So I'm not exactly traumatised by this news. :D

Vitalogy2184d ago

And it was to be expected anyway as the ps vita slim doesn't have 3G and foursqaure was added for that function, not only for it also wi-fi but mostly.

coolasj2184d ago

It's not the news itself that's important, it's the precedent being set. This may be the start of shaving off integrated 3G functions. If that means Destiny of Spirits won't be Always Online, I'm in favor of this. Coming from a 3G owner that's not paying that insane monthly bill.

SamPao2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I actualy never used the 3g...(because I couldn't find a contract that suited me, and you can't buy just MB. here...) Well I thought I would, but I would have been better off with the Wi-fi model.

I used foursquare for like 2 or 3 weeks, never used it again, was fun though.

godofboobees2184d ago

I don't even use foursquare on my phone

Gamesgbkiller2184d ago

Since they will not support 3G models anymore, it does make sense.

antikbaka2184d ago

i liked to get a free cup of cofe or a biscuit for check-in at some cafes, used vita for this purpose alot (although it's just wi-fi vita).

sad news for me

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