Titanfall has “gone to great lengths to present a character driven cinematic experience”

games™ recently had the chance to sit down and chat with the senior map designer of Respawn's upcoming Titanfall, Mohammad Alavi, who discussed the game's ambitious experiments within the FPS genre.

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Ittoryu2191d ago

An MMO about killing the other six players and destroying their titan, is a character driven experience?

4Sh0w2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

"Which isn't singleplayer?"

Well no sh*t Sherlock, that's the whole point.

It isnt a singleplayer, that's why like it or not they are doing it differently than most other fps which is why we are having this conversation. Any insightful thoughts about why you think the game is worst off by trying to do the story intertwined in the multiplayer would be far more helpful than stating the obvious.

Team_Litt2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

An opinion from someone who has yet to experience the full game and all its modes is valid? Why not wait and see huh Ittoryu?

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Anthotis2191d ago

In what way, shape or form, is a multiplayer shooter "character driven"?

Dewitt2191d ago

This is what I am most excited about, know absolutely nothing about the story and that is the way it should be. Way to keep it under wraps this whole time respawn.

Eldyraen2191d ago

I'm hopeful but not expecting much to be perfectly honest.

I will be picking it up though no matter how great/poor the story turns out to be as the gameplay is what I find enjoyable thus far.

Mr Pumblechook2191d ago

This won't be a Halo. The reason they are hype talking the 'character driven story' is so that people forget this is an online only game because the single player campaign was dropped after Xbone DRM was removed.

gamesTM_dom2191d ago

Is there evidence for such a claim?

Link pls - I'm intrigued by this.

Ittoryu2191d ago

There is no story dude its multiplayer only.

Tedakin2191d ago

There's an online story mode. People for some reason refuse to get that through their skulls.

MegaRay2191d ago

Great? I doubt it, since there no campaign mode, only multiplayer online has a story (I dont know how that even possible lol)

LKHGFDSA2191d ago

hahahahahahah it's just cod with robots!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.