1954: Alcatraz Preview | Calmdowntom

"Daedalic Entertainment’s upcoming 1954:Alcatraz stays true to their point and click style as you try to escape incarceration from the worlds most difficult to escape from prison. You start off playing as Joe, a gangster, who along with his wife, Christine, are stirring up trouble with the wrong crowd. As Joe is locked up, it is up to his wife to help him, if you so choose to. The game allows you to play as both characters, but it’s all about the decisions in this game as you don’t have to follow a completely linear script. Should you be excited about 1954: Alcatraz?"

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ThichQuangDuck2180d ago

Looks interesting to me will definitely look into it. Makes me wish that game about the revolution of Iranian 1974 actually got kickstarted :(