Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 dev discusses troubled development, blames director for mediocre game

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has received a mixed reaction from the press, prompting a developer of Mercury Steam to come forward and discuss the sequel’s development, and to place the blame with studio director Enric Alvarez, a man he claims is both “mean,” and bearing, “serious problems.”

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brich2332184d ago

This game is below mediocre. I would never reccomend this game to anyone. What I would recommend is Plants vs Zombies Garden warfare. That game is actually fun, although its online only.

Blastoise2184d ago

Yeah nothing scratches that hack n slash itch like plants vs zombies

NewMonday2184d ago

Ego is the worst thing in the work place..

bosses may not like to take opinions or don't trust the ability of the staff

employees may not like to be told what to do thinking they already know everything

no matter the talent in the work place if people take things personal then no good will come from that.

the ideal situation is for the boss to respect the talent and opinion of the staff and for employees to respect the authority of the boss.

vishmarx2184d ago

well we know where the mediocrity came from now.
because moments like the toy maker scenario were definitely not crafted by this guy

brich2332183d ago

You could use the Chomper and bite people if that counts as hack and slash lol

cleft52184d ago

I figured something was going on when that one guy started complaining about not liking the God of War comparisons and other things. Something definitely seemed off and now this confirms it. I feel bad for these guys really because it sounds like the actual development team wants to do something really amazing but they are treated like crap.

starchild2184d ago

Most gamers think it is a fantastic game going by user reviews on metacritic and

I find the game to be a superb improvement over the first game, which was already an amazing game in its own right.

Walker2184d ago

It seems like MercurySteam as a whole was in another state of mind making LoS 2, and things have obviously changed for the worse. The poor execution of LoS 2 reflects just that. The poor spirit that this article is describing oozes that things weren't as optimal as they could of been, and that's a shame, since the game could of and should of been better.

rogimusprime2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

There's no poor execution of any aspect of this game. Poor is a strong word and assumes the developers set out to do soemthing that just didn't work.

This is a better game for me than Arkham Origins, because on XBOX 360, I haven't seen one bug yet. Arkham deleted my save files, not corrupted. they are just GONE. IGN scored it higher than LOS2.... now WB montreal says they won't even address the bugs.

People are just being b*tchmade and entitled. I'll bet most of those folks didn't even play mirror of fate or the DLC from LOS 1 much less, LOS2. If the sales turn out good next month. Everyone will jump right back on Mercury Steams collective D*ck.

razrye2184d ago

Am actually kinda enjoying it. Yeah a bit slow at times but there are some good ideas thrown in such as mastering combos. I'm actually trying to learn them for a change.

cleft52184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I am sure it is enjoyable, but that is probably despite the poor leadership. It's obvious that the game could have been so much more, which is the true crime here.

morganfell2184d ago

I have to agree with razrye. The game has it's issues but I have enjoyed parts of it thus far. And they did eliminate many of the platforming bugs and movement hangs that plagued the previous game. Also the soundtrack so far has been a marked improvement. Some of the quieter moments of exploration carry very haunting music with it.

The story however certainly could have benefitted from some work. Very few titles have been successful in taking a powerful character and stripping them of their abilities so the player can begin to rebuild them. At least not in a manner that does not feel forced. The Witcher had the benefit of the last book and KOTOR has something that would only work in the series once. But it is a rare thing and the convolution involved to reach that point in LOS2 could have been better handled.

XXXL2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Yeah this game sucks. I want an Igavania next. Preferably the Battle of 1999 with Julius.

MilkMan2184d ago

Please, this smells of spin-doctoring. This game is fine. If you bought it and played it you know there is no problems. So whats the issue?

zerocrossing2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

No problems? How about the cringe worthy shoehorned stealth sections, awkward combat mechanics and the lackluster plot? And don't even get me started with how boring they made it feel to play as Dracula the prince of darkness!.

LOS2 had so much potential, unfortunately it's just a sorry mess of what could have been a fantastic game.

Placing Dracula in modern times was ballsy move, but nothing interesting is ever done with such a premise. We never see Gabriel question the new world he awoke to or see him confused by modern day technology.

I really wanted to like this game as it's right up my alley in terms of plot and presentation but as a whole it's poorly made mess.

starchild2184d ago

The stealth sections are a minuscule part of the game and I don't understand how they could possibly hurt a person's general experience of the game in any significant way. I personally liked the stealth sections. They gave me a break from all the combat and exploration and added a little more variety to the game.

I find the plot really engrossing. I don't understand how people find it to be confusing or boring.

The combat mechanics are the best thing about the game. I literally have no clue how you could possibly come to the conclusion that they were awkward. This game is probably the best-controlling action/hack n slash game I have played. And the way you have to actually learn and use your combos in order to upgrade your weapons is a brilliant innovation for the genre. I LOVE the combat in CLoS2.

razrye2184d ago

I fully agree with star child. The stealth sections break up the hack and slash sections. Also getting a bit of a old school vibe from the game.

zerocrossing2184d ago


I disagree, the stealth sections can't be overlooked because they are unavoidable, which would be fine if they weren't so poorly implemented. "Good" stealth gameplay is fun, the stealth in LoS2 however is boring, tedious and lacking in innovation IMO. Yeah, it might be fine for others but the stealth is way below par for me.

The plot was engrossing for the first couple of hours but then it just lingers in the same spot without anything of consequence happening. I really like the idea of playing as Dracula in the modern age, but I never really felt like I was playing as "Dracula" you could quite easily replace Gabriel with Kratos and it would not have mattered much.

The combat compared to say DMC was pretty weak, I liked the mastery system, that's a great feature but the actual combat itself is awkward due to the soft lock on mechanic. Fighting some enemies like the armoured ones or the more powerful demons is just tedious to the point I purposefully avoid them at times, that's pretty bad as the combat in an action game should be the most enjoyable part.

MilkMan2183d ago

What can I say folks. I think the game is very good. Stealth sections and all. I wouldn't call it a classic, but its not bad at all. Stealth is a little clumsy, but nothing in this game is game breaking.

I like to explore Dracula's "other" abilities. I like the pacing and I like the combat.

Sure, why cant Dracula just rampage through the scene might be the question, but that's another game isn't it?

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