Top 10: Worst Castlevania Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "It’s been a Castlevania-packed week here at Link-Cable as we’ve spent nearly every day covering the series and reminiscing about our favorite moments from the revered franchise. But now it’s time to turn away from the light and take a deep dive into the darkness that is the worst games from the series. Yes, while the vast majority of games that bear the Castlevania games are genuinely good there’s enough monsters lurking in the shadows to fill us with dread of ever stepping back into Dracula’s castle. So grab your whips and your wall-meat, things are about to get"

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MWH1439d ago

It's unfortunate how LOS2 turn out, great gameplay mechanics let down by mostly bad level design and dull story.

LoS1 is among the best games i played, it reminded to rush into judging a game without trying it.

ShockUltraslash1439d ago

LoS2 had good combat.
It's how the end of the game was lackluster and felt unfinished.

Eien1439d ago

Knew that Number 1 was going to be Castlevania Judgement. So many people judge the game without even playing it. It was a fine game with some flaws like most games, no where near the worst.

william_cade1439d ago

Simon's Quest is one of my favorite games of all time and ahead of its time. It felt like an action rpg, the day/night cycle was awesome and different, and when I figured out how to take the tornado to the other side I was excited. I beat the game in the early 90's and still have great memories playing it.

I know this would never happen but I would love to see a From Soft remake of Simon's Quest with Miyazaki developing it. It would hold up well as a souls-like experience.


Simon's Quest is always the bastard child of the good Castlevania. It was frankly ahead of it's time.

Vanfernal1439d ago

It's "cool" to hate on that game. Apart from being obtuse because of the localization, the atmosphere, gameplay and music still makes it one of the most memorable Castlevanias. It laid the groundwork for 2D exploration games down the line.

rataranian1439d ago

Castlevania 64. End of story.

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