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In spite of my annoyances with certain aspects of the game, Thief is a truly enjoyable experience.

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Bennibop2192d ago

I am really enjoying the game so far, only issue annoyance is the frame rate issues during cut scenes which is bizzare as the game runs smoothly when controlled by the player!!

starchild2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

It really is a great game. It's unfortunate the way some of the mainstream review sites nitpick and unfairly criticize games like Thief that they think won't appeal to their mainstream audience. Sure enough, though, the next Call of Duty or Battlefield will get fantastic scores. It's absurd.

In any case, there are whole hell of a lot of people who do like Thief. Here are some of the 8s and 9s Thief has received from reviewers:








2192d ago
JeepGamer2192d ago

Playing on Master mode with the inability to knock out civilians adds a whole new kind of interesting to things.

Raf1k12191d ago

My copy should have arrived today. Looking forward to playing this game. People need give this game a shot. It's not the Thief we were hoping for but it looks to be a really good stealth game.

For some odd reason people think there's supposed to be some action in there somewhere when it's always been about the stealth and not the action.

fractured742191d ago

I prefer this to games what pretend to be stealth like certain stealth game what gives you superpowers to get past guards,