Xbox Live Games With Gold For March Includes Civilization Revolution

"It’s almost that time again with the month of February ending, that means we will be learning the identity of the two free games that will be part of the Xbox Live Games With Gold Promotion for the coming month. While nothing has been officially released, the Twitter account for WorthPlaying has revealed that Civilization Revolution will be one of the titles available in March, according to their Microsoft sources."


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insomnium22704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Hooray! They give us a game from 2008! That's only 6 years so it's not that bad.

mantisimo2704d ago

Man I need to join gold to get these amazing recent.......oh wait it's an antique.


GutZ312704d ago

Bargain bin deal goes free on xbox live.
I wish microsoft would take at least a few notes from sony when it comes to free games.

mantisimo2704d ago

@ gutz

Microsoft are missing a huge opportunity when it comes to gold look at the buzz about ps+ yeah there's the odd "meh" month but mostly it's very good and sometimes brilliant.

If I was ms right now I'd be putting some major games on gold right now, it'll cost a lot but would help in this crucial new console, courting buyers time.

How can such a huge company be getting it so wrong?

Why o why2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

But you gets to keeps this suckers. Take that rental ps - ...... (side eye)

FamilyGuy2704d ago

Lol, seriously?
I wouldn't even waste the time or hdd space needed to download this for free.

How are they even choosing games?
Are MS just seeing if any devs request to have their game on GwG and going with who ever is cheapest?

They'll never have anything that's anywhere near current because of that "it's yours to keep" bullet point. They thought they were 1up'ing Sony but it's just hurting their options.

Kryptix2704d ago

My reaction to March's Games with Gold:

Not really...

maddskull2704d ago

@whyowhy you can play the games forever as long you have ps plus subcription

Why o why2704d ago

I forgot to put sarcasm maddskull....I just put side eye instead. I was mimicking the cry I hear from ps plus detractors like somehow owning a 4 plus year old games is better than unquote, 'renting' more relevant and currant titles for the tenure of your subscription.

itBourne2704d ago

"Renting" yes I agree that is what it basically is. But If I am paying $50 a year regardless, give me these massive amount of games that are actually relevant, rather then a 6 year old game I can have for life. Sorry, I would rather get a free "rental" of a 6 month old game I didnt get the chance to play, then get a free 6 year old game.

itBourne2704d ago

BTW, am I the only one who's massive fucking backlog keeps getting even worse because of PS+, damn Sony for giving me games across all my systems I want to play. There is no time for it, fuck Sony.

gaffyh2704d ago

The "renting" argument imo is completely invalid, because who plays a game after 1 month anyway? I finished Demon's Souls, I loved the game, but haven't gone back to it, and if I did want to go back to it, I could just restart subscription if mine ran out.

cozomel2704d ago

Yeah, no thanks MS, you can keep that. For shame.

Obscure_Observer2704d ago

Assuming that all of you are actually 360 owners, i think all of you should do something useful and rage out on Major Nelson´s twitter account.

Mockery and Hate leads you to nowhere.

gaffyh2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@above - I honestly don't think that would achieve anything. Major Nelson has proven that he has no idea about the big decisions at MS, and doesn't seem to have any say in anything.

minimur122704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

This game isn't even on steam it's that old O.o
(I just checked)

guitarded772704d ago

My gold ran out... I could have renewed for $40, but decided it isn't worth it. I won't crap on the Games With Gold campaign, because at least gold members are getting something, which is always better than nothing, but they're games I've already played/own, or never plan to play, so they just fill up hard drive space.

BLuTheSecond2703d ago

They're finally adding two games that I actually don't own and have interest in for the first time.

Giul_Xainx2703d ago

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I just finished downloading modnation racers road trip!

What'd you guys get?


minimur122703d ago


I just got Bioshock infinite and Metro 2033!

how much is this game on the MS store?

jebabcock2703d ago

It is still a great game. It isn't like ps plus doesn't mix in classic games as well.

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Beastforlifenoob2704d ago

Old but gold
This game was really,really, really and really fuc**ng good

amiga-man2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@Beastforlifenoob :Old but gold This game was really,really, really and really fuc**ng good

So was Space invaders, Was being the important word, You can pick this game up for next to nothing now M$ how tight can you get.

fonger082704d ago

Look we all know that xbox gold free games hasn't been nearly as good as PSN + but Civ revolution is an awesome freaking game that of which I would take over metro last light and next months offering of tomb raider any day of the week.

BLuTheSecond2703d ago


"You can pick this game up for next to nothing now M$ how tight can you get."

Exactly and now you don't have to pay extra to get the game.

A lot of PSN+ games can already be bought for "next to nothing" and you would actually own them.

Quit the whining, a plus is a plus regardless.

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MRMagoo1232704d ago

What I don't get is the xbox devision is supposed to have unlimited funds , at least that's what most of the fangirls say, if that's true why on earth does MS continue to give away $5 games instead on games ppl actually want to play.

Why o why2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Heard of that term 'tight' please apply

Maybe ms doesn't feel the need to compete because they've constantly listened to some of their fans lauding live whilst downplaying ps plus even at its peak.. Far as they're concerned, why do more if their fans don't want extra or seem content. All part of ms's minimalistic ethos if you ask me

diehardmetallicafan2704d ago

because they don't like the xbox fans for their loyalty, they like them for their money!

Prime1572704d ago

It's ms... most money is about business. The rest is to trust in the $10 more a year for a "pay-wall only" structure of pay to play vs it's competitor.

I'm sure they are investing heavily in the cloud...

Seriously, I'm having one of those what-do-you-expect-from-Micros oft moments where I'm just annoyed.

mochachino2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Well they had 1 billion dollars for things like this, spent $400 000 000 securing exclusive NFL content (that really, on the US cares about) and probably another couple hundred million for Titanfall. A lot on is being spent on Halo probably and with the few other exclusives they're working on, they probably don't have much left now.

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FACTUAL evidence2704d ago

They need to give a good game like alan wake on games with gold. Too many xbox fanboys missed out on that title trying to bash heavy rain.

Shadonic2704d ago

Surprised they didnt put Halo 4 or something up there would of been great help with Halo 5 if it is honestly better now a days

Neonridr2704d ago

Alan Wake would be a great GWG game. Arguably my favorite 360 game of all time. Even though it's old, a game like that would be a welcome addition.

Blachek2704d ago

If people were expecting something they could download and mindlessly play quick, I could see why they would be upset.I count this game as a win, the Civilization series is fantastic, and a lot of fun could be had playing this game. Just because something is new, doesn't make it better.

Hicken2704d ago

People were expecting something that wasn't six years old.

Dunno why. That's been the MO for Games With Gold since its inception.

insomnium22704d ago

You get Civ and we get Tomb Raider...seems fair enough...LOL

brave27heart2703d ago

Civilization is a great game. Thats not the issue. The issue is you can pick it up for a fiver online (including postage) so its hardly offering great value. It gives the impression that Microsoft are being tight.

The fact that its old means a lot of people have played it too.

Megaton2704d ago

...and I thought Dead Nation for PS+ was pretty weak. Thanks for putting things into perspective, Microsoft.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2704d ago

Yet the Sony fan loves paying for HD remakes of good games from Years back.

Let's get it right guys. What's it going to be? Only good when Sony makes HD remakes of games of yesteryear? Or MS giving you free games of yesteryear?

Yep.. I know.. Sony! Then do no wrong! They are here for us! The gamer! They don't care about making money.... they're the best!

trouble_bubble2704d ago

HD remakes are universal. Didn't Fable Anniversary just come out for Xbox, with Halo2 in the pipeline to follow up Halo Anniversary?

insomnium22704d ago

Poor poor guy. This will be a looooong ass gen for you.

r2oB2704d ago

So you are comparing a HD remake of a game that was available previous gen on a different console to an old game that is from the same gen on the same console... As is they are the same thing. Why do Xbox fans always make the most absurd and irrelevant comparisons? Surely you can see the difference between a HD remake (remake of a game from previous gen/different console) and an old game from the same gen/console.

TheTwelve2704d ago

The most fun in this thread are people actually defending this!!!

kenshiro1002704d ago

You're seriously defending this?


Lukejrl2704d ago

Midnight has one comment per article for a reason, and it is get you guys to take the time to respond to him, so come on and stop giving the guy the attention.

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Back-to-Back2704d ago

The games with gold offerings is just depressing every month.
Glad I invested 2 years of ps+ last black friday. Best decision I have ever made.

kwyjibo2704d ago

Yeah insomnium2, old games are worthless and are all universally reviled.

BlackTar1872704d ago

I love this game. I'm glad to own it now.

3-4-52704d ago

lol....this game has been like $30 on XBL for the past 3-4 years.

They don't get/understand/comprehend "it"

Monkeyonfire132704d ago

Civ 5 was like 5$ over christmas lol

JonnyBigBoss2704d ago

As if Dead Nation was a showstopper.

Stop being biased and be balanced.

TheLastGuardian2703d ago

Dead Nation isn't 1 of 2 games we get this month it's 1 of 6. At least the PS4 is getting free games with PS+. What free games does your XBL gold subscription get you on the Xbox One? Oh, that's right... NOT A DAMN THING!

HeroReborn2703d ago

Real talk early American adopters of this console are getting little next to nothing, I feel like a beta tester that is paying them smh

ShwankyShpanky2703d ago

At least CivRev is a good game. First game GfG game I'm jealous of as a PS+ member. It was one of my first PS3 games and I played a fair amount of SP and MP against my roommate. I regret ever trading it in, and I'd love a free digital copy I could install on both my PS3s.

Dungeon Defenders is pretty fun too. I should fire it up again, since I stopped playing due to bugs, and I haven't gotten back to it yet since the patches.

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malokevi2704d ago

Civ rev is awesome. But like all civ games, you can only play it for so long. I played civ rev and civV into the ground.

Bio_Mod2704d ago

I agree I really enjoyed revolution, definitely worth playing if you haven't before.

TheSaint2704d ago

Wow, this is a really old game, if you're into this sort of thing you've probably played it already.

I know I have, played it to death in fact.

I thought they were upping their game a bit, guess not.