War Thunder 3rd Ground Forces Closed Beta and Massive Update

The third wave of Closed Beta for Ground Forces has begun, opening up the newest portion of popular hit franchise and military MMO game War Thunder to more players, including those that have completed the November challenges and have purchased the War Thunder starter packs.

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Rockefellow2179d ago

Such a shame that Sony still hasn't greenlit this for a North American release. By the time it's out for use to play without the workaround method, a ton of potential players will have lost their interest. I feel bad for all the wasted hours porting it over, only for Sony to roadblock it at the last second.

Iceman X2179d ago

No work around needed just make UK account and download. I play on my US account all the time.

diehardmetallicafan2179d ago

we have it in Australia. it ain't bad, but i just want to play the tank side of it

kratoz12092179d ago

Its fun but..
Sony needs to bring this to America and get the Cross Platform working.

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