Footage from Guilty Gear Xrd Release Stream Online

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- has officially released in Japan arcades, and to celebrate Arc System Works has been streaming the game on Japananese video sharing site, Niconico, since early this morning U.S. time.

The hour and a half clip shows a small tournament for the game, complete with timestamps for individual matches and the names of the players.

04m00s Shinyoko Bedman (Bedman) Vs. RH+ (Ky)
09m50s Tsunoe (Chipp) Vs. Sakamura (Faust)
13m30s Galaxy Kawasaki[/B] (Millia) Vs. Yuka Sommelier (Zato1)
16m45s Shirei (Sol) Vs. Game Center Arashi (May)
20m50s ProgrammerT (Potemkin) Vs. Kachigatari Ozawa (Slayer)
24m50s Yanki (Sol) Vs. Shinyoko Bedman (Bedman)
28m30s Kami no Okori-man (Axl) Vs. Deguchi (Venom)
33m30s Samurai Planner Kyo (I-No) Vs. Wiseman Endou (Slayer)
37m30s RH+ (Ky) Vs. Tsunoe (Chipp)
41m50s Galaxy Kawasaki (Millia) Vs. Shirei (Sol)
47m00s Yanki (Sol) Vs. Kachigatari Ozawa (Slayer)
50m50s Deguchi (Venom) Vs. Samurai Planner Kyo (I-No)
56m20s T...

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Majin-vegeta2187d ago

Cant wait for this,

I would love to see GG VS Street Fighter!!0_0

Kyosuke_Sanada2186d ago

You do know Street Fighter would lose horribly. A Gear alone would tear the cast of Street Fighter apart....

maniacmayhem2185d ago

Not if they use the SF characters from the Vs. series. Those guys could definitely hang with the Gears.

jonboi242186d ago

I recall there was suppose to be Sammy vs Capcom before. Sammy being the publishers of the Guilty Gear games. Though it never came to be and I don't know why.

NarooN2186d ago

How the hell do you pronounce that? "Xrd"


Silly Japanese devs and their weird-ass naming conventions.

UnHoly_One2186d ago

The ONLY reason I clicked on this article was to come in here and ask that very same question. lol

Tito082186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

They pronounce it sort of like "exard" or x-ard, a bit like it. The Japanese might put weird ass names, but still catchy and appealing to a lot of people though, I can't blame them lol.

NarooN2186d ago

That's the thing I like about the Japanese, they know how to draw attention to their products, haha. Really zany names that no native English speaker would ever dream of.

Btw, nice Kazuya avatar. Doryah! x)

Inception2186d ago

Damn, when will Arcsys announce the release date for console?! I need this game badly!