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GameDynamo - "Reversing the traditional perception of Trolls as vicious, brainless beasts and Vikings as cheerfully violent heroes, Trolls vs. Vikings portrays the former as peaceful folk who love beauty and the latter as greedy raiders. These Vikings are only after the gold, and the Trolls' village is about to be demolished by their avarice. It's up to the disarmingly cute Trolls to put their talents to work defending their homeland. A tower defence game, along the lines of the wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies games, the Trolls need to defend their peaceful village from advancing waves of pillaging Vikings. It wears its influences clearly, to the point of being derivative, relying on the design and artfulness of the characters, as well as a streamlined in-game economy to differentiate itself, and while both of these strategies are successful, it's not enough to pull the game out from under the Plants vs. Zombies shadow."

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