Pixelitis Review: Strider

"It’s risky bringing retro back to modernity. While Capcom is no amateur at rejuvenating old series, Strider is a bit more obscure and harder to handle than a better known franchise like Street Fighter or Resident Evil.

The paradox of Strider Hiryu himself is that he’s been around forever but has only starred in a handful of games, including this self-titled 2014 installment. Despite his smaller library of games, Strider has gone on to make cameos in dozens of games, most notably the Marvel vs. Capcom series. In a sense, he is the Boba Fett of videogames; earning most of his screen time and stardom due to excellent character design.

That being said, there’s no doubt that the Strider games have made their mark on history. But how does this new entry from Double Helix hold up? Does Strider finally belong in the spotlight, or is this spotlight twenty years too late?" - Stephen Hilger

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