Indie Dev Hints at Xbox One Virtual Reality Project

VRFocus - Independent developer Vertigo Games has teased a possible virtual reality (VR) project in development for Microsoft’s Xbox One.The team was recently confirmed to have signed up for Microsoft’s [email protected] service, which helps bring indie developer’s games to the latest system. In a follow-up tweet, Vertigo Games suggested that it was the upcoming VR-enabled World of Diving that it would be porting to the console.

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4logpc2186d ago

I thought this was leaked already. Fortazela

Farmassy2186d ago

Even if it wasn't leaked already, I think we can all guess that this was coming. There is no way that microsoft would not make an attempt to do something in the VR technology industry

Kayant2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Fortazela is not VR it's AR. So this is completely new.

This came out of nowhere especially for the fact there has been zero leaks pointing towards this.

Is the game Oculus Rift only?

Edit -


Thanks for the info. Exactly what I thought.

Volkama2186d ago

No, the game is not VR only. It's also highly unlikely that info about a VR headset would hit the self publishing indie channel before the slightest rumours had hit.

All this amounts to is someone reading into things too much

christocolus2186d ago


There is a slight chance that this might actually end up being true.... the kinect team has been working on something new. It could be VR.

3-4-52186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

So along with $100 for Kinect we can now pay $150 for a VR device that plays...........2-3 games......eventually ?

I'll pass. They need to spend their money on developing new IP's.

There were only like 8 exclusive titles for xbox 360 over the past 3-4 years, and like 25+ on PS3.

I used to love finding random new awesome games for my original xbox. So many cool IP's that just got abandoned.

Septic2186d ago

"They need to spend their money on developing new IP'"

Yeah because $1 billion isn't enough...

No_Limit2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I think this is the big thing that the DayZ developers were hinted at when they visited MS. Can't wait to see how these new VR headsets turn out.

lemoncake2186d ago

They need to all work togeather with oculus rift, last thing we need is everyone developing solo projects and destroying VR at a time when theres a small glimmer of hope it might actually happen this time around.

Godmars2902186d ago

But if MS and Sony don't make their own VR, let themselves be dependent on Rift, they'll have to wait for ports. Since OR is only about PCs right now.

jb2272186d ago

I find it hard to believe that Microsoft have made any kind of real strides in the vr department w/o at least alluding to as much. Sony have been tinkering w/ wearable headsets for years, so vr is the obvious next step, and Sony themselves haven't been totally coy about that fact, so their vr is almost a given. Microsoft on the other hand has been putting all of their money into Kinect, I highly doubt they will be pushing another "game changing peripheral" to rival the Kinect at this early juncture. More likely this game will utilize the Kinect's head tracking in place of true vr. It's the same situation w/ the cloud tech, Microsoft haven't made any strides in game streaming because they decided to go in the multiplayer server direction, in both instances Microsoft creates tech that is meant to spin off into something bigger in markets well outside of gaming while Sony seems to be gearing their tech specifically towards gaming & possible other media hardware like tv's & such.

maniacmayhem2186d ago

VR has been around for a long time and there has already been numerous patent articles about MS using VR in conjunction with their Kinect.

There is no doubt that MS is looking into VR. Especially with Valve, Sony and anyone else trying to push that tech.

JustPlay42186d ago

Why would you use the kinect that AR not VR, that wouldn't make any sense

Godmars2902186d ago

Because being a primarily 3rd person experience Kinect isn't about to represent the 1st person viewpoint which a VR helm would.

RAWSTA2186d ago

Such a fan boy you are!

annus2186d ago

Kinect and Move are both VR peripherals. VR isn't excluded to only head-mounted displays. It's a pretty logical step for them both to look into other means of delivering VR to consumers, especially when said consumers have made it pretty clear that they want HMDs.

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The story is too old to be commented.