Thief: Review (TheGameHeadz)

What happens when societal laws are stripped from the equation? In the midst of gloom and doom, Garrett suddenly sees life as golden. Popular stealth series Thief returns, this time to a new generation of gaming.

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ShiftShock2182d ago

I feel like a demo would benefit this game greatly. I want to play this game, but I'm not sure if I would like it. A demo would possibly sway me to go out and pick up a copy. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

iistuii2182d ago

It's good. It's a game where you have to sneak around stealing from everyone & everywhere. Your not an assassin, your useless in combat. You can't go in guns blazing. You creep creep & creep some more. Don't get seen at all, knock people out from behind if you must. It looks pretty good & plays well. I honestly can't see why the reviews are so mixed. I think some people want it to be more action. But it's meant to be a stealth only game. I enjoyed the old thief games on PC & I'm enjoying this one.

Shadowolf2182d ago

This review is one of the only reviews that understands THIEF. A fair and honest review. For some strange reason reviewers are grossly missing the point of this game. This is not Assassin's Creed but more Dishonored without super powerups.

stavrami2182d ago

been playing it all day great game i don't get what the real low scores are about .. yea the loading screen is a little aggravating and my frame rate drop is virtually non existent . i'm happy i don't listen to reviews and get games on my own merit

starchild2182d ago

I agree with both of you guys. This game is great and I truly can't understand some of the hate it has received.

I agree with the reviewers who rated it in the 8s or 9s.

Silly Mammo2182d ago

The game isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Played about 3 hours last night on the PS4 and didn't see all the frame rate issues people are going on about. The loading isn't all that bad either. I do agree the voice acting is terrible though.

starchild2182d ago

Really? I think Garrett's voice actor is awesome. Most of the others are pretty good too. No worse than most games.

I agree with you about the game being good though. I'm glad it's still a good experience on PS4.

Shadowolf2181d ago

I personally think the voice acting is pretty good and Garrett's voice is very cool. As Stavrami stated above, the loading screens can be a bit taxing on the gameplay however it is forgivable due to the overall experience.