Uncharted Collection In Development For The PlayStation 4?

The news at the moment has to be taken with the tongs: it seems that Sony Computer Entertainment has scheduled a collection dedicated to Uncharted, to be released at the end of 2014 on the PlayStation 4.

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rodiabloalmeida3378d ago

PS4 owners gotta love it, if it's true.

sobotz3378d ago

Not really, I think it's too early for HD collection, and I prefer the "Definitive" method that getting a full enhancement with a lot of effects just like Tomb Raider.

Moreover, if it's still gonna happen soon, I hope God of War 3 is getting a port too, I really want to see this game with more resolution so bad.


Id true, the games which looks gorgeous even compared to next-gen titles, will look groundbreaking in 1080p/60 FPS. I will get the collection day one.

webeblazing3378d ago

Tomb raiders is a port. It barely to effort to port it. If there's an uncharted collection be prepared a res and frame rate increase like everyone pulled off last gen.

FamilyGuy3378d ago

As long as new games are still being made I don't mind any of these Definitive ports or collections. There's a ton of great games that would benefit from additional power and a lot of people coming from 360 last gen never played these games.

WalterWJR3378d ago

Uncharted two and three would be quite easy to port but number one would need a fair bit if work. It is dated compared to the others.

guitarded773378d ago

Naughty Dog are using a modified version of the same engine for PS4, so it would be a great way to test it out before bringing out the next-gen Uncharted.

I just hope they consolidate the U2 and U3 online into one online mode where you can play maps across both games. If they pull MP from it, that would be sad.

esemce3378d ago

If it's true then it has to be out before UC4 to help gather more interest and hype in the series.

AliTheSnake13378d ago

I just started Uncharted 2, so should I stop playing it, to experience it and U3 on the PS4 in better graphics ?

guitarded773377d ago

...and also there are a lot of people migrating to PS, so this can get them caught up on the story of Uncharted.

NewMonday3377d ago

if thy give them bigger textures and improved AA then I'm all for it

after playing months on the PS4 and PC only the rough jaggies stand out for me now.

morganfell3377d ago

@Ali, no keep playing because it never gets old.

lesrima883377d ago

@Alithesnake1 one does not simply stop playing uncharted 2

rustyspoon803377d ago

I'd love to see GoW 1 & 2 and the PSP games remade with the GoW3 engine.

minimur123377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Well I'm not having this at all, as nice as it would be, it would need a blu ray for each game.
From memory,
UC1 = 25gb
Obviously Golden abyss and Fight for fortune are next to nothing and compared to these, but there'll be 3 blu ray discs in this 'collection' if it exists, and a remastered edition will only make the game size bigger.

Also, there's no source.

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fluffydelusions3378d ago

I do BUT where is the source of this info? I didn't see it mentioned anywhere.

BiggCMan3377d ago

Exactly. It just says "according to some rumors". That could just mean some dude on Gaf said "hey I wonder if they will make an Uncharted collection for PS4?"

Why is this even being talked about? Because people only read headlines and it gains attention!

If it ever comes, fine. But this site is giving no sources, and no acknowledgement of where this rumor even started. What a waste of time.

krontaar3378d ago

I don't really want to play these again, I platinumed them all and this would just be a waste of resources. I hope it never happens.

user14394143378d ago

I know a lot of people like myself switched over from the Xbox 360 to the PS4 and missed out on games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain and The last of us. And I would love to play them without having to go out and buy an old ps3. Maybe I will get to experience some of these games on the PS NOW service whats coming up soon.

ginsunuva3378d ago

That's your punishment for buying a 360 instead of a ps3 lol

guyman3378d ago

I too made the horrible mistake of buying a 360 instead of a ps3

vigilante_man3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

You serious?

I too platinumed all three but love playing them again from time to time. To see the original Uncharted in full PS4 glory with the new controller would be something special.

BUT - How easy is it to take a 360 or PS3 game and transform it to full next gen quality? I guess it depends upon the quality of the original coding.

It would take a big effort to get all 3 with the quality we all expect from ND. We shall see...

FriedGoat3378d ago

I bought a 360 instead of a PS3. It was not a mistake, the 360 had some good years. I just bought a PS3 a year or two later and I had a great back catalogue to play whilst the 360 games dwindled.

Hicken3377d ago

"Since I already played and beat them all, there's no need to make the games available to other people who haven't."

famoussasjohn3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Think of it as a refresher until UC4 comes out. They were all entertaining and fun to play. Can't say one negative thing about the stories in UC.

b777conehead3377d ago

so other people may want this. just do not buy them then

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ramiuk13378d ago

god of war series
uncharted series
last of us
crash bandicoots that was on ps1

all need 1080p remakes on ps4.

Yui_Suzumiya3378d ago

Imagine The Last of Us sequel for PS4 in 4K

himdeel3378d ago

No, my heart couldn't take that much awesome :/

ramiuk13377d ago

@solidgear3 i cant,my mind cant take it,head would just pop with excitement.

hkgamer3378d ago

i think for ps3 gamers they dont give a crap about a uncharted collection for ps4. the gme looks good enough, probably would be beter with better framerate.

i guess it gives other a chance to play the game.

just give it to bluepoint or some other top porters to do it. if you give it to some dodgy devs then there is no point at all.

after all that said. thinking about it I probably buy andplay it again.

Ron_Danger3378d ago

All I'm gonna say is: Uncharted 2, train level, PS4 graphic engine...


krontaar3378d ago

Yeah no, they wouldnt put it on a new engine. Way too much work.

ifistbrowni3378d ago

I would love to play these games again for ps4. I still replay them occasionally on ps3. Easily my favorite franchise.

BelkingOfSony3378d ago

I would love a psvita version, but ps4 has remote play so there's the psvita version

AceBlazer133378d ago

I think HD games are annoying but I'll be damned when your game is at a certain level it deserves remastering. Uncharted is one of those games.

3-4-53378d ago

It's a great idea. They get to reintroduce the series to people who've never had a chance to play it, to hype up the future Uncharted game.

JsonHenry3377d ago

I'd rather them do a remastered version. Not just an HD collection.

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Hatsune-Miku3378d ago

I hope this is true because I'd buy this collection first day

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

Neonridr3378d ago

I would jump on this in a heartbeat. I never owned a PS3, so I never played ANY of the Uncharted games. As a first time Playstation owner, if I could get the first 3 games in one package (along with both Vita titles) for the PS4, I would be a very, very happy gamer.

Why o why3378d ago

Welcome and enjoy. Even if this doesn't come to fruition you should try and play the series. The 2nd uncharted was the standout one in many peoples eyes. Won goty. Proper new age classic like gears.

AaronPS3378d ago

You missed a lot more than uncharted, some great games on the ps3. On topic, the idea sounds great as long as it is more than just porting it over. Upgraded visuals and effects for example. Shouldn't be that hard, are naughty dog not using the same engine for this gens games?

Neonridr3378d ago

well if this doesn't happen, I can always keep my fingers crossed that the titles all show up on Playstation Now. Can't imagine why they wouldn't.

Rodney253378d ago

Welcome to the fam. Lol no really they need to tomb Raider those games with 60FPS 1080P and real-time cutscenes. It may just be MW but I hate when ND does in engine pre-rendered cutscenes the games look good enough and any kind of pre rendering is just jarring to me.

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PaleMoonDeath3378d ago

People like you make me cringe, but this is cool though, just hoping it doesn't become a next-gen habit.

Rodney253377d ago

Whoa why do I make you cringe I don't see what I've could've said to make you respond with that.

PaleMoonDeath3377d ago

Not you, the original person that started this comment thread, "Future is PS4, PS4 is future" or something, hurts my very eyes.

sam_job3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

random rumors without any source where it came from.. this is really getting TOO LOW at n4g
according to Sony rumor: "titanfall HD is coming to PS4 in 2016"..... should i post this on n4g now

Neonridr3378d ago

well that would be a pro Sony article, so it would get approved in a heartbeat... XD

-Foxtrot3378d ago

Drakes Fortune would look fantastic if it was remastered plus for people who don't own a PSV we would get to experience Golden Abyss for the first time.

Neonridr3378d ago

here's hoping they give it the Resident Evil Revelations treatment and convert the game to more of a next gen offering.

rajman3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

Would be awesome, especially getting to play Golden Abyss in HD....but if its true I find it hard to believe for all 5 titles to be on 1 disc