Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Mastery System Explained

Konami has issued a gameplay video showcasing the new adaptive combat elements of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.
The conclusion to the ‘Lords of Shadow’ series is available now for the Playstation 3, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE Games on Demand, and Steam for PC, and the new footage highlights how users can create modified combat elements within the game.

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morganfell2181d ago

I am actually enjoying the game regardless of some negative press and remarks, even a little of it from the dev team. I was not dismayed when I purchased the game nor am I now several chapters into the title.

xander707692181d ago

The game is indeed quite enjoyable. I don't understand the hate. It's not perfect, no game is, but it is not nearly as bad as reviews would have led me to believe. Glad I bought it.

rogimusprime2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You should be (glad you bought it), people are acting like this was a betrayal.... aka Colonial Marines. If you liked the first game, you will like this one. Most of the grueling platforming is gone. No more holding your breath while you go for jump 19 of 20, knowing if you fall, you have to fight 6 Wargs again to get to said jump.

Castlevania was never supposed to be AAA, the last one shocked EVERYONE by trying something new, and still being enjoyable. I thought Reverie DLC was weak, But Resurrection was decent. Mirror of fate was awesome.

I haven't beaten the game yet, so I might be disappointed in the end by missing some closure. But after playing fallout 3, I'm prepared for anything.

starchild2181d ago

I agree with all of you. I'm having a great time with the game. The combat mechanics are one of the best things about it. I'm glad that they are bringing this system to people's attention because it truly is fantastic.

morganfell2181d ago

I had moments in the previous game - the lava rising after fighting the Gravedigger was classic - where I would shimmy sideways on a ledge grip and within a foot of where I was supposed to leap backward and up, the character would hang up. Die, rinse, repeat. It happened on the PC as well. Several other issues as well with other platforming elements and control choices. A great deal of accidental grabs. Maddening. I was so glad there has been none of that here.

I also purchased the OST as I did with the first game and the score here is top notch. I said in a separate post there are moments where you are quietly exploring and the music is absolutely haunting...and a little sad in some ways. He has thrown himself headlong into damnation with all his will as a creature he never wanted to be.

It is also good to finally feel powerful. In the first LOS there was a constant feeling of struggling to win. You still have to fight here, it isn't any easier but at the same time they have managed to convey this sense of being an incredibly formidable being.