New Tony Hawk game is for mobile devices


"The new Tony Hawk game will be released exclusively on mobile devices.

"We're working on a mobile game now," former professional skater Hawk told Bloomberg. "We're working on a game for mobile devices this year."

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FogLight2186d ago

*Bangs head on the desk*

What in the hell with blue skies are they thinking?!

DarkLord10032186d ago

Yeah - saw that coming. What a shame

mike32UK2186d ago

All of these devs jumping ship to the mobile gaming crowd... They'll come crawling back, and if they don't it will be because they've gone bust

pompombrum2186d ago

While I'm sad to hear this as I'd prefer a console release but mobiles are the perfect platform really. Tony Hawk was always a "just another 15 minutes" game and would fit in well with my mobile gaming habits at least.

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