Thief: Next gen vs. Current gen graphics comparison


Xbox One & PS4 & PC go head-to-head with Xbox 360 & PS3 in an epic graphics showdown.

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pedrof932181d ago

My God, check 2:11, the difference is shocking. Ps4 wins again...

Ps4 is closer to Pc !

mewhy322180d ago

Easy PS4 win. We're going to see alot of this.

Derekvinyard132180d ago

Ps4 and xbox one are on par with each other pc looks a tiny bit bitter but dam look how far consoles have come

Septic2180d ago

The 360 version beats the PS3 one from what I can see. The PS4 beats the X1 version.

starchild2180d ago

Yeah, the XB1 version is crushing black detail.

The next gen versions have better textures, better lighting (with light shafts), better alpha effects (fog, etc), real time screen space reflections, higher quality shadows, higher display resolutions and better framerates.

The last gen versions also seem to have screen tearing whereas the current gen versions don't.

As far as I can see the hierarchy would go like this: PC>PS4>XB1>360>PS3

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SourShoes2180d ago

Those crushed blacks are terrible. I'm calling Al Sharpton!

Xsilver2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Them Crush Blacks tho this is mainly PS4 vs PC tbh they almost look identical.

starchild2180d ago

True, but this video makes them all seem closer than they really are. If you see them on a full size display and at full quality the differences will become much more obvious.

The PC version definitely has better anti-aliasing (SSAA, the best there is), better texture filtering (16x anisotropic filtering vs trilinear on PS4), better framerate (smooth 60fps on my HD 7950 vs 30fps with drops on the PS4) and what seems to be fuller alpha effects (like fog) in some areas.

The PC version also has tessellation and contact hardening shadows and I'm not sure if the PS4 version has those things, or if it does have them, whether the quality of those graphical elements is the same.

GribbleGrunger2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

You can't see the crushed blacks if you sit further from the TV ... This proves emphatically that you don't need native 1080p because the scaler works miracles!

Seriously, MS need to sort that out pronto.

MasterCornholio2180d ago

Didn't they remove the over sharpening with a patch?

Which means that the developers are over sharpening the image on purpose to hide flaws in the image quality.

GribbleGrunger2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Yes, they removed the sharpening filter but the black crush is another issue.

This looks terrible and the lower resolution clearly effects that nose:

Imagine what that looks like on a 40" TV.

AngelicIceDiamond2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

@Gribble it is way to dark on X1.

But in that picture the X1 doesn't look saturated like the others. It actually looks black not a grayish or whatever the 360 version is lol.

Not like it matters this is mainly a last gen game with an old engine. Its not doing the next gen justice at all with 30 frames that's not locked in on next gen consoles.

That's pretty bad.

GribbleGrunger2180d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond: Sorry but that looks terrible and if you and others like you don't start complaining MS won't do a thing about it. Do you really want crushed blacks to cover the loss of detail? Come on, put pressure on MS to rectify this by complaining. It's something that CAN be put right.

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AngelicIceDiamond2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

@Modi It looks darker on X1 but for some reason there seems to be more detail and color instead of saturation like the others.

At least that's what I see.

Imo the X1 actually holds up quite nicely.

punchuinyaface2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I don't know what video you were watching can you give that link to that video. This was the worst video i ever seen for X1 it was dark and muddied. The lighting effects were so much better on PS4 and PC . The PS4 and PC were indistinguishable .

AngelicIceDiamond2180d ago

@Punch And here we go.

How bout you allow me to have an opinion instead forcing your? The X1 is darker in which is a downfall but if you go to 3:22 the model actually looks high res and not muddied on X1. The colors pop a little more when your looking at it seems.

If you wanna talk muddied features look at the 360 version that one looks worst out of them all imo especially when compared to the X1, PC and PS4 its night and day.

Like I said the X1 holds up ok at least when its compared to PS4 and PC.

I'm not gonna do the usual routine and automatically say PlayStation at every single turn unless PlayStation does genuinely and fairly look better (in which it has in all the lens comparisons so far). Considering this sites ongoing track record of fanboyism. I don't take anyone's word here when comparing, lol no way.

Yeah allow ME a user that doesn't have any time type fanboy eye where to tell you which version holds up well and which one doesn't hold up to well.

punchuinyaface2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

it's not fanboyism to state the fact that the PS4 and PC versions are superior to X1 . Number 2 when you use a caveat to explain your opinions there is it something wrong with your opinion and not valid. The X1 is darker in which is a downfall but if you go: caveat .The gamer should not have to look closely to see details in the game.go to 3:22 the model actually looks high res and not muddied on X1. Nice try though

mark3214uk2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

ps4 smashes it as usual,so glad i backed sony with my cash

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SteamPowered2180d ago

No wait, which gen is this again?

SourShoes2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

When the contrast of the machine creates an oversaturation of black color in dark scenes. Either due to a crappy RGB filter or done purposely to hide poor detail/jaggies.

ziggurcat2180d ago

actually, it has more to do with the RGB range.

there's 2 different ranges: limited, and full. limited is a range of 16 - 235, full is a range of 0 - 255.

people often set it to full thinking that the blacks are "better", but the reality is that when you're using your console (which ever one it happens to be), you want to set the RGB range to limited since that is what needs to be set for your TV.

RGB full is what you would set if you were outputting your console through a computer monitor.

i think people have the option to set it to full or limited through the xbone OS, and it just looks to me that whoever captured this video has their xbone's RGB range set to full (since it often results in crushed blacks).

SourShoes2180d ago

You do realize that properly calibrated LCD TVs (even low-end) have been able to display RBG settings at full since at least 2008 right? Your PC monitors are not as elite as you think.

The crushed blacks seems to be more evident in some xbox games than others. It sounds to me like a developer choice.

Naughty__Boy2180d ago

at 4:14 with all the bird cages the ps4 looks a lot better.

MasterCornholio2180d ago

The PS4 version looks closest to the PC version. The Xbox One version has really nasty crushed blacks though.

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