New Soul Sacrifice Delta Trailer Surfaces

A new Soul Sacrifice Delta trailer has appeared, showing off the new and improved abilities, missions, co-op spells and more.

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ninjahunter2192d ago

I like what they did with some of the new maps, at least two of them that I saw Looked very immersive. But they do overall seem just as flat as last time.

dcj05242192d ago

The whole thing their featuring is new verticallity. In SS it was just FLAT. Now you have ledges and platforms and abillities to make your self columns to melee the taller monsters.

antikbaka2192d ago

It's a shame they have not simultaneous release with west this time ((

leahcim2192d ago

SS is so awesome, I am really happy to see another game!

monkey6022192d ago

Is this going to come as dlc for the original or is it only the full package like dragons dogma dark arisen?

dragonyght2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

the latter.

they made alot of change especially to the gameplay mechanics so much they could have branded a full pledge sequel

monkey6022192d ago

Yeah it looks like an awesome update but I'm only after getting the original, typical.

GuruStarr782192d ago

I hope we get a US release date soon. I platted the original and games like Ragnarok and Toukiden just don't hold a candle to Soul Sacrifice..

Hopefully this does well enough where we get a full-on SS Sequel!

So, support it, Vita owners!