Microsoft to Show off New Indie Games for Xbox at GDC

Microsoft intends to unveil a few new indie games at this years Game Developer's Conference, Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer said today on Twitter.

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GarrusVakarian2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Great, i love me some indies. A lot of them are really unique and creative....i guess that comes with not having to bow down to a publisher.

I wonder if all the people who bashed the PS4 for it's indies will suddenly embrace them now that they will be getting a bigger focus on the X1?

Gamer19822188d ago

Doubt it as theres gonna be a lot more of them on PS4 thanks to Sony not being so hard on developers.

CYCLEGAMER2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I really hope this does not become the "new thing/fad" in gaming.

While indies have their place and I enjoy them sometimes, they are not what I spent $400-$500 for. I want good games that also push the hardware of my next gen console, not games that can be ran on my galaxy phone or tablet.

GarrusVakarian2188d ago

Obviously no one spends hundreds of dollars for indies, lol. But you do spend it for the whole package, some variety is good. It can't all just be AAA games and nothing else.

mcarsehat2187d ago

I hope for some, hotline Miami was very enjoyable and actually quite tense.

i don't want them to be more than £3 or £4 though.

nukeitall2187d ago

I spend $400-500 for games like Titanfall or ability to make the console the center of my entertainmemt with Netflix, TV and the like.

Indies is just icing on the cake, that I don't bother with 99% of the time. I don't mind them, think they are important, but don't usually care about them.

Bundi2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Don't get it twisted (and also, stop beating a dead horse) "Indiestation 4" became a thing not because Sony was pro indie, but rather because it seemed they were DEPENDING solely on indies to provide exclusive content for their $400 console.

Nothing wrong with focusing on indies, as long as AAA games aren't shoved on to the wayside to do it and for a long time it SEEMED Sony was content to do just that.

Now I hope you don't have to bring it up again the next time indies and Xbox One are mentioned together again but I suspect you rather enjoy pointing out that indies aren't drawing the same ire they did when they were the PS4 focus.

Back on topic however, this is exciting, we finally get to see the first wave of the [email protected] games. I'm glad MS caved and changed their policies early enough.

GarrusVakarian2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Xbox fanboys weren't just bashing the PS4's indie focus, they were bashing indies games in general.

They were saying things like "they aren't real games"..."indies don't interest me whatsoever" all im saying here is i wonder if those same people will embrace them now that X1 has a stronger focus on them.

Don't try and make it seem that Xbox fanboys were only bashing Sony's strong indie focus/reliability at launch. They were bashing every single aspect of indies and belittling them. I remember it clearly.

Anyway, like you said, lets not beat a dead horse. Both consoles have a strong 2014 outlook and both will have an indie focus, that's great.

MasterCornholio2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Difference is that Sony is focusing on games. Which means AAA exclusives and indie titles. In my opinion it beats focusing on TV shows and movies.


I've heard countless times from Xbox fans how they hate indie games and only play AAA exclusives. Then at VGX we see a game called No Mans Sky and all of a sudden they want Indie games. Truth is that Indies can provide great games to play at a great price and not having those kinds of titles is what bothers Xbox fans.

CYCLEGAMER2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Sorry, but I have to interject fans could have been speaking from experience?? Who do you think started this Indie craze??? You guessed it THE XBOX. The funny thing is, what you guys are accusing xbox fans of doing is exactly what xbox fanboys are accusing Sony fanboys of doing.

There where countless arguments about the xbox having more games because of the indie collection, Sony fans where saying that those where not real games, and trying to explain that AAA exclusives like God of War, is where its at. Now that Sony has changed their tune a bit, Indies are awesome?

I don't know if you owned a 360 but if you get a chance, check it out and there are literally THOUSANDS of Indy titles. I think xbox fans know that Indies can be very good and very bad, but to center your next gen console around them is kind of a weak approach into the next gen. Just saying!

Edit: My point still stands, arcade like or not, it is still a weak approach to center/focus your next gen system around them, we can agree that they should come second to AAA titles, they should not be the forefront for either one of these next gen consoles.

GarrusVakarian2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )


" I don't know if you owned a 360 but if you get a chance, check it out and there are literally THOUSANDS of Indy titles. I think xbox fans know that Indies can be very good and very bad, but to center your next gen console around them is kind of a weak approach into the next gen. Just saying!"

And that comment right there is one of the most common misconceptions i saw back then, that indies games on PS4 were anything like the crappy, 80MSP 360 indie games. That's why so much hate was thrown at the PS4 and it's indie focus, because people mistakenly thought they were the same as the crappy 360 indies. And that couldn't be further from the truth. Indies on PS4 match the 'arcade' section on the 360 more than they match the 'indie' section.

Yes i own a 360, i gamed primarily on it until 2011, i know it's indie marketplace very well. I can't believe people are still making the same mistakes when viewing PS4 indies.

PS4 indie - Resogun, Planetside 2, Warthunder, Warframe, Don't starve.

360 indies - The impossible game, I made a game with zombies in it, try not to fart.

As i said, indie games on next gen consoles are the same as the 'arcade' section on the 360. Not the indie section.

360 arcade - Limbo, Castle crashers, Bastion, PvZ.

NegativeCreepWA2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Lucas the 360 Arcade games are indie games, the games in the indie section were games created using XNA, which were also indie games just on smaller unpolished scale normally.

Arcade is what they called the section, Limbo, Castle Crashers, Bastion, PvZ are all Indie games technically. I don't think its a hard concept to understand.

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CYCLEGAMER2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

@Lukas I specifically said "I really hope this does not become a thing/fad" never said I wanted all AAA. I even pointed out that I like indies fyi.

What I am saying is that I do not want these companies to FOCUS on indies for a certain amount of time instead of putting their resources in titles that match their latest hardware.

No doubt, Indies can be fun when there is a lul in gaming, I just hope they don't begin to think that Indies are the knew hotness. AAA first, Indies second, gimmicks and apps 3rd and 4th.

GarrusVakarian2188d ago

"AAA first, Indies second,"

Completely agree.

MrSwankSinatra2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

i know right last year that's all those stupid xbox fanboys cried about, indiestation this, indiestation that.

mhunterjr2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Yeah, I think it's was silly to bash indie games, but I think some folks were dismissive of Sony's reliance on indie software to bolster their launch line up.... Mainly because most of them were PC ports, and few of them actually took advantage of the next gen hardware.

That said, Sony's got a couple indie exclusives that are seriously worth being jealous of.

'Indie' shouldn't be treated like a bad word. A lot of these developers are coming up with great ideas that the corporate suits would deem to risky. And if any xbots want to bash Indie development, just remind them the Respawn and Crytek are both indie. (Big indie's but indie none the less)

MightyNoX2188d ago

I thought they had *nothing* to show for GDC. Is this a last minute change?

Also, it's true about your comment. The Xbox fanboys bashing of indies games on all forms and boards were nothing short of vile and repugnant.

Blaze9292188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Lol indies are still indies bro. Price doesn't matter Whereas it may have been something for PS users to be excited about, Xbox fans have had an entire category dedicated to them since Xbox 360. Some good, some bad - mostly bad.

Nothing about what we seen on Xbox 360, can get on PC, or that the PS4 is doing are making Xbox fans change their viewpoints about indies. Hear all the things Xbox fans are currently requesting from many times do you hear indie games? Exactly.

There's a market for it but I think Sony and their fanbase just blew the importance of them out of proportion because clearly, there was nothing else to play or talk about. No one was really bashing them, people just couldn't understand why indies where all a sudden the "next-gen" focus when really, no one cares to hear about them as reason to spend $400/$500.

Me personally, if the games good - the games good, could care less if indie or major studio.

So don't get your sour panties in a tangle now ;)

gamer20132188d ago

You're either too young or have short term memory or just trolling.

Indie games have always been big on XBL but continuously downplayed and ignored by Sony ponies. Now, it seems that Sony are all of a sudden in love with them. I think it begs the question - why?

GarrusVakarian2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

My god, what is wrong with you simpletons?

"Indie games have always been big on XBL but continuously downplayed and ignored by Sony ponies. Now, it seems that Sony are all of a sudden in love with them. I think it begs the question - why?"

The indie section of the 360 is NOT, i repeat NOT equivalent to PS4 indies. That is what many Xbox fans are making the mistake of. They assume that PS4 indies are what you would find in the 'indie' section on the 360...hence all the making fun and bashing of them in the past few months.

The 'arcade' section of the 360 marketplace contains the kind of games that are called indies on PS4, not the indies section. The indie section on the 360 was made up of the most crappy, cheap, tacky games known to man. That's why they only cost a few MS points.


" Xbox fans have had an entire category dedicated to them since Xbox 360. Some good, some bad - mostly bad."

No, they had an entire selection of arcade...and an entire selection of indie separate. I know both sections are made by 'indie' devs, but what im saying here is that the arcade stuff was MUCH higher quality and all around better games. That's why it's wrong for Xbox fanboys to look at the PS4 indies and just instantly dismiss them because they are called indies and not 'arcade' games.

LoveOfTheGame2187d ago

How hard is this to understand, the arcade section of the 360 contains Indies. Not every Indie on the 360 is located in the Indie section.

This is why most Xbox fans were fine with Xbox's original Indy plan, they have seen the s*** that appears when anyone can put their game up.

maniacmayhem2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )


"The indie section of the 360 is NOT, i repeat NOT equivalent to PS4 indies."

I'm sorry Lukas but you are just plain wrong on almost all accounts in everyone of your responses to your original post.

There were a lot of indie games in the indie section that would qualify as a 360 Arcade title. To say otherwise is very ignorant and just shows the lack of understanding of what an indie title truly is and how much Sony has brainwashed some of you into believing.

I also like how you picked the worse of the worse for the indie titles. How about The Tempura of the Dead, Breath of Death, Colosseum, Epic Dungeon, Loot Quest, etc, etc. And these are "True" indie titles, from real mom and pop developers using tools provided for free from MS. Yes there is a lot of shovelware in the indie section, but a lot are from college students or part time coders who have free time and MS provided them the space for their creativity and hard work. If that's not being indie then what is?

Just because these smaller guys didn't have the same budget as Castle Crashers, Resogun, Don't Starve doesn't make them or their games any less indie. And the fact that Sony isn't providing these guys making the very small budget titles for their system should tell you Sony isn't as invested in "<3 indies" as Sony's PR team is making it sound.

Melman26 is right, a lot of sony fanboys jumped on the indie train as soon as Sony pronounced their love for indies with the release of the PS4. All of a sudden Sony <3 Indies shirts were being passed out and celebrated. When the PS4 was first released all of a sudden "indie" on this site became a trendy term and used as an argument against the xbox fanboys.

I wonder if sony fanboys will still be on the Indie hype train when more of Sony's AAA games start to roll out. I can honestly say...nope. As you can see the sony fanboys have moved on to the resolution argument and have left the indie talk alone.

Also Sony only talked up the indie game to beef up their extreme lack of release titles. This is why most of the "indie" titles were ports of PC titles. Most were ports of very old PC titles might I add.

CYCLEGAMER2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Thank you for taking the time to explain this to luckas so eloquently. You just saved me a lot of time. Bubble up to you.

I really really cannot wait until Sony gets more exclusives, I honestly feel like all of this BS talk about indies and resolutions will stop once Sony gives ps4 (only) owners something to do. Maybe the discussions will be more about the games when that happens.

Chevalier2187d ago

Funny that you guys talk about lack of AAA on PS4 bounce back to xbox 360 and both fail to mention how 360 had next to no exclusives these last 3 years whereas PS3 has had both indies and exclusives. All of a sudden Xbox One has a handful of exclusives and now they matter again? All we heard was how it didn't matter and 3rd party were better on Xbox, now that argument is decidedly not on Xbox side the argument goes back to more exclusives and resolution doesn't matter it's about the games, lol. Truly masterful flip flopping, should be politicians.

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TheOmniGamer2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Phil Spencer walks onto the stage, says 3 words, Castle Crashers 2, drops mic, walks of stage, conference over.

Gamer19822188d ago

Hahaha saw your stealth edit there! Changed from "console wars over" to "rated the best conference of all time by the Internet. "

TheOmniGamer2188d ago

Hahaha, I knew fanboys wouldn't like what I said and I was right XD But seriously, I'm dying for Castle Crashers 2.

mmc-0072188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

the conference would already be over before Phil walks on stage. *Sony announced VR head set*.

TheOmniGamer2188d ago

And Sony's headset will be dominated by the Oculus Rift which will have announcements at GDC.

2188d ago
Sarobi2188d ago

I hope we get a release date on Super Time Force.

Bolts-N-Rays11092188d ago

Agreed. That game looks so fun.

Games_R_Us2188d ago

Is it just me or are twitter posts becoming news statements these days. I hit a link for an article and I get a twitter comment. Hell you can sum up the entire article in the header! Thats cause its a tweet. So sick of tweets. Not complaining about what he said, but come on. Tweets should almost now N4G have their own separate category within the news banner.

Mikefizzled2188d ago

At least these are actual news snippets instead of my two most loathed words so far of this year. Rumour and Insider.

Gamer6662187d ago

New site...


Tweets for Gamers...

sgtGanGreen2188d ago

I love indies if they are 9.99$ :D