Earth Defense Force 2025 Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "Earth Defense Force is a funny series. No, I am not talking about the humor (which is on point and often hilarious), but funny rather for the fact that it has a cult following for simply going outside of the norm. Instead of making a war shooter about reality, Sandlot have done the opposite and changed the formula to their liking, built around short but epic battles with giant, beastly bugs. Forget that the slightly mediocre and rather forgettable Insect Armageddon ever released for a second, and think back to the first release, which was Earth Defense Force 2017. That is kind of what the developers want us to do with the latest Earth Defense Force 2025, as this title all about moving on in a big way. The features are broader, the bugs are nastier, and the campy dialogue is still cranked to the max. Is that enough, or does this follow-up prove that some titles are just made to be a flash in the pan?"

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Subby2180d ago

Awesome, so glad these games were localised out here.