Sony is Winning the Console Race By Default

GaminRealm: "Even if you’re not the best runner, it’s hard to lose a race if your two opponents keep tripping over their own feet at every other step. All you have to do is make sure that your shoes are tied and keep running steadily, and you’re bound to win."

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BigFnHooters2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

With the single exception of the three years or so the Wii craze was going on...

Sony's Playstation consoles have been the top selling consoles in the world non-stop since 1994 - when they first entered the market. That is a 20 year reign as the king of the console market. The PS4 is going to extend that reign to 27 years unless something absolutely gigantic happens to the console market over the next few years.

The PS1 sold some 105 million consoles.
The PS2 sold some 155 million consoles.
The PS3 has sold over 85 million consoles and has a least five more years of sales and price cuts left and will easily end up 100+ million consoles
The PS4 is the fastest selling console in history and is absolutely destroying the Xbox One in sales.

Sony is on track to be 4/4 with 100+ million selling consoles with the PS1,PS2,PS3,and PS4.

So, yeah, "All you have to do is make sure that your shoes are tied and keep running steadily, and you’re bound to win", derp, derp. Keep crying those bitter fanboy tears.

oODEADPOOLOo2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Put a bra on dem hooters gewd sir, yor creeping out the children on this site.


TomShoe2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Gotta hand it to Sony. We asked for a games console, and we got one.

Good on them.

LuaMaster2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

> We asked for a games console, and we got one

Just like the PS1 and PS2 and PS3.

The major differences this gen:

% The US gaming media is no longer actively doing everything in their power to hype Microsoft's console and trash Sony's like they did in the PS3 days

% Blu-ray drives are now cheap to manufacture thanks to Sony and the PS3

% Microsoft was caught by surprise and wasn't able to rush their console out the door a year/year and a half early like they did with the defective and poorly designed 360 to pad out their installed base numbers

% No more RRoD massively inflating the Xbox's installed base numbers.

Sony is doing what they have done ever since they entered the console market: putting out consoles with bleeding edge technology due to Sony's unmatched console design and manufacturing abilities combined with massive first party support backed by third party support from all three major consoles regions - Japan, the US, and Europe.

herbs2663d ago

LauMaster I agree with everything you have stated except the last thing about bleeding edge technology in regards to the PS4. Previous Sony consoles where ahead of there time for sure but all of the so called Next Gen consoles including the PS4 are no longer ahead of the game when it comes to graphics hardware. So many Sony fanboys are graphics whores and they love to talk smack like there high and mighty in the console war. (See comments in every single N4G article) The sad truth about the PS4 is that it lacks exotic hardware like every console that has come before it, it is just a streamlined mid range PC for the masses. At least the Xbone and Wii U have something unique going for them.

Rockstar2663d ago

@ Herbs

What's so unique about the Xbone?
The HDMI passthrough?
The Kinect?

Give me a break, there is nothing unique about it. Unless you want to talk about the size and shape of it, but that's not unique for a MS console.

medman2663d ago

It's hard for you to argue that the xbone is "unique" when I can do everything that it does and better on my smartTV and a/v setup. Heck, even cell phone providers are offering voice command for tv nowadays. Unique indeed.

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Gemmol2663d ago

all these sales but they still lose so much money, I got to admit they do a lot for us as customers putting high tech stuff, but at the same time they killing them selves.....they lost billions especially with ps3, and they still lose money on ps4, since they do not have as much money as Nintendo in the bank or Xbox, I am guessing they can keep this up for one more generation before they have to give it up, just like that rumor that came a while ago saying one of the three companies is leaving, but its not Nintendo

DragonKnight2663d ago

*sigh* Sony is a large company with many divisions. The Playstation division is one of its best divisions along with financial services (insurance mostly), and movies. The divisions that are losing money are tvs and pcs.

Why is that so difficult for people to grasp. The Playstation division IS NOT responsible for Sony's financial troubles and never has been.

mii-gamer2664d ago

Sony deserves all the credit in my opinion. While it is true the competition made many mistake - Sony did everything write from hardware, marketing and hyping and are now reaping the rewards.

Majin-vegeta2664d ago

Sony did everything from price to games.

wonderfulmonkeyman2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I've yet to see enough games to make me spend $450+ on a PS4.[yes, $450+. I'm factoring in game and controller costs, and that's not even including the cost of a Vita for off-TV play]

If they drop that sucker to $350 retail or less and bundle a Vita in with it, I'll consider it sooner than 2016.

DragonKnight2663d ago

What are you playing today?

My_precious2664d ago

with all PS3 game in the future i can see PS3 will hit 100 million mark sooner or later, and for PS4 is like cakewalk

hell, even if sony quit making console after PS4 they still be the most success platform holder in gaming history, there will be long untill some company can beat their legacy

Why o why2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

No...we're winning .....
For having a gaming focused option

jimbobbeers2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Yet there isn't a single game I currently want to play exclusive to PS4.

I'll get one eventually (most likely when ND's game is released), but whilst it may be a decent gaming machine, I'm yet to be pulled in by any of its games.

wonderfulmonkeyman2663d ago

Ditto. I don't get why you're getting disagrees on that; I have yet to see enough games to make me want to be an early adopter.
There's third parties that are PROMISING good games in the FUTURE for the system, but promises have been broken before and games have failed to live up to hype before, so it's going to take more than a bunch of graphically-gorgeous tech demos to make me shell out that kind of serious cash for a system.

I'm not here for an avatar-like cinematic game.
I'm here for games with more substance than sparkle, and there's just not enough of that yet on the PS4 to satisfy me.

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