Lunar Knights in details

Konami gives us some new information concerning its title Lunar Knights under development in the studios of Kojima Productions, it acts there of their first project on Nintendo DS.

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Japanator Games Week: The Boktai retrospective

Japanator: "For a good while, people would go into a deep shock whenever I tell them that I have never played a Metal Gear game in my entire life. While I may have missed out Hideo Kojima's tactical covert ops series, I did get to play the Zone of the Ender series with the exception of Fist of Mars for the GBA. There is also one more series that I have played by the great Kojima-san, which is one that not many people got to play during the GBA's lifespan."

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How to make a game for the PSP

Issue 2 of HGZine, the free magazine for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, includes an exclusive column by Steve Lycet from Sumo Digital (makers of TOCA, OutRun 2006, and Virtua Tennis) on how a game is converted to the PSP. Also in the issue are reviews of Lunar Knights, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Persia Rival Swords, Spectrobes and many more. There are also previews of Call of Duty Roads to Victory, Harvest Moon, My Sims, and a roundup of every Final Fantasy game in development for handheld devices (no small feat!).

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Lunar Knights review

Lunar Knights sees the player take control of lunar swordsman Lucian, a newcomer to the world of vampire slaying who teams up with sunny shooter Aaron. The brief is simple: kill the vampires, free the planet's elemental spirits – 'terrennials' – that are powering the bloodsuckers' armour, and save the world. Sounds simple but lurking at Lunar Knights heart are various gameplay mechanics that betray this hardcore game as much more than a mere shoot and slash to the end dash.

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