What If Microsoft Killed Xbox?

The ultimate question: Where would Xbox go from what seems inevitable?

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GusHasGas2525d ago

Welp, if Microsoft does sell Xbox (which I really doubt) I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Amazon buy Xbox. From there, things would start to get... Interesting.

Sony indeed is slowly dominating the console wars, but Sony still needs competition. I don't see Nintendo becoming Sony's main competitor unless Xbox were to completely fade away and die. Even then, it's doubtful. Amazon has what it takes to become the new owners of Xbox.

Oh well, only time will tell.

DigitalHope2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I could see a few companies taking on the Xbox brand Amazon being one of them.

My problem with Xbox being sold off is, what will happen to Xbox live?

I'm sure Amazon, Samsung, Apple, etc etc would love to buy the brand and the tech, but don't you think MS is going to hold onto the serves they've created and maybe repurpose them? I'm sure that could be all worked into a deal, but I don't know if I can see MS letting that go.

That is really my biggest concern; what happens to Live?

@fr0sty too true about amazon and its servers so I guess it could work out alright as long as they get all of Live's coding.

fr0sty2523d ago

Don't forget that amazon has a hell of a lot of its own servers as well... they do operate one of the most popular cloud services out there. They are in a perfect position to take on Xbox, though not sure if they would want to or not. Apple too may take interest, but I see them designing their own box if they ever came into gaming hardware.

If someone does buy it, I hope they scrap Xbox One and release a new console that is designed for next gen gaming from the ground up, not designed to be a TV hub with the ability to play games also.

ITPython2523d ago

All they would need is the the databases and transfer of data, Amazon has tons of their own servers which are actually leading the industry. Heck, Amazon not only hosts their own insta-watch movie/TV services, but they also host all of Netflix's too (perhaps others as well).

Amazon would have absolutely no problem handling the load XBL generates in all its forms.

TheGreatAndPowerful2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I'm loving all these doom and gloom articles. Moar!

ZodTheRipper2523d ago

Every company seems like a better company for this console war than Microsoft.
I hope Amazon or Steam take their place.

Giul_Xainx2523d ago


There I said it.

tbone5672523d ago

If people think MS will kill Xbox then there's nothing wrong in thinking Sony will kill Playstation due to the fact they are losing billions of dollars every year. Only fair.

IRetrouk2523d ago

@ tbone

why would they kill their most profitable brand?

TomShoe2523d ago

Hey, do you guys remember way back when, where there was only one competitive console on the market?

What was it called? The PS2? Yeah, that's it.

DatNJDom812522d ago

Let me start off by saying that I in no way, shape, or form am an xbox fan. See my comment history if you dont believe me. Im a PlayStation guy all the way. That being said, it worries me how the media and how some guys are calling or insinuating that m$ is doing bad and should go out of business. This is exactly the position the PS3 was in at launch. Guess how that ended. PS3 outsold 360 and had better games.

Point of the post: Lets not count m$ out yet. Although I feel the PS4 will dominate this gen, we should never underestimate m$ deep pockets and the gullibility of xbox fans and uneducated consumers.

dcbronco2522d ago

Dat you were doing okay till the end.

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mcarsehat2523d ago

i don't think they could "kill" the xbox.

but really, how far down is this wishlist going?

madjedi2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Killing the xbox is a stupid way of putting it, either it will be spun off into it's own entity and told sink or swim or ms will sell the xbox brand off to a investor like Amazon.

Either scenario is unlikely to effect the xbox one anytime soon, if something did happen the most likely you would see is a name added or subtracted from the logo.

And a change in the account number for subscriptions and digital game purchases.

Either way i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for something to happen. Maybe 4-5 yrs from now perhaps.

As for a wishlist is the death of the xbox one supposed to be something sony fans are wishing for, news to me.

Thinking ms leaving gaming isn't a great loss and intentionally hoping for the xbox brand to die isn't the same thing.

BallsEye2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

These butthurt articles about XO are getting annoying. Xbox is doing great. Back to playin DR3. Cheers.

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R3ddBuddah2523d ago


Utalkin2me2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Ikr, talk about being "plane" stupid, roflamo.

Cupid_Viper_32523d ago

Snakes on a plane = Plane stupid.

I'm motherfuc.... tired, of motherfuc....snakes, on this motherfuc....plane!

trancefreak2523d ago

Cupid breaks it down plane and simple.

BitbyDeath2525d ago

It will become really interesting if MS sold it to Amazon, they have a lot of money and resources to do some crazy things.

Sony needs competition and Amazon could really bring it.

Death2525d ago


Keep telling yourself that and maybe someday it will come true. Sony needs games more than competition.

TrueJerseyDevil2524d ago

Yea and not just Singleplayer ones either

Eonjay2523d ago

That argument is so tired. The handful of exclusives on Xbox do not define all gaming in its entirety.

MysticStrummer2523d ago

"Sony needs games more than competition."

Yeah it must be a real burden to have the most award winning devs and games as part of the PS family.

Boody-Bandit2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )


Keep telling yourself that and maybe someday it will come true. Sony has more games out and upcoming than it's competition.

Seriously. Must we break out the list of games already here and upcoming games soon to be released yet again? I mean let's be totally honest (per my name sake) here. How exactly has the last few years gone for MS vs Sony. Sony a plethora of blockbuster exclusives and even new IP's (B2S and TLOU). MS = Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, Halo, Gears (Judgement = horrible), Forza, Fable.

MS showed their cards at E3. Meanwhile Sony will unload their big guns at E3 and some of those games will be for 2014 unlike MS where most of their games are coming out in 2015 and beyond.

Do we really want to play the Sony has no games card all over again? Have you learned nothing the past 3 generations? Obviously not.

Death2523d ago

I've learned nothing other than the fact Sony fans brag about a list of exclusives they don't buy. 17 first party and 16 second party studios making a handful of games that sell.

The Last of Us
Little Big Planet
God of War

The PS4 that is "all about games" has Killzone and Knack so far. Infamous will surely be a great game when it releases in March. The PS4 needs games more than it needs Amazon to buy Xbox to give Sony more competition.

Eonjay2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )


Don't take it so personal. Nobody really cares about Amazon buying Xbox. It probably isn't going to happen. Its a "what if". And you say PS4 only has two games. You mean those to games and every other multiplat, the majority of which look better on the PS4. Thats COD, BF4, AC4, NFS, Tomb Raider the list goes on and on and includes free, free to play, and other digital titles. The argument that the PS4 has no games is such denial. Just because games looks better on the PS4 doesn't mean the don't exist.

MysticStrummer2523d ago

"The PS4 that is "all about games" has Killzone and Knack so far."

Guess you forgot about it having the best version of every single multi plat.

And your list of PS3 games there? I own them all so your generalization fails on that level as well as on the most basic level… it made no damn sense in the first place. I mention award winning games and devs, and you default to sales as an alleged comeback. Classic.

Death2523d ago

"It has the best version of multiplats"

So you are saying those same games on the Xbox One are unplayable because the PS4 offers a better native resolution? I'm pretty sure you guys are the ones that don't seem to understand those same games are being played on the Xbox One along with the Xbox exclusives which have been better than the PS4 exclusives so far.

Welcome to higher resolution graphics guys. We have been playing high res games on PC's for years. When was the last time you seen GPU wars with PC gamers beating their chests to the superior games due to the graphics capabilities of their cards? Granted their is a dispute between nvidea and AMD users for years now, but it's rare that you see one side pretending the other sides games don't exist or are less than what they are.

It's sad that you have to define your decisions based on "superior" multiplatforms. The Xbox One versions look and play great no matter how much you don't want them to.

SITH2523d ago

Actually Sony needs money. They are still in bankruptcy danger.

DiRtY2523d ago


cut Resistance from your list. It was killed due to poor sales.

Hicken2523d ago

Define "sell," cuz there are a dozen more games on PS3 that sold 2 million or more than on Xbox.

And this'll probably bug you, but different games have different sales numbers to be considered successful. For instance, Catherine didn't sell a million copies, but ATLUS still considers it a success.

Oh, but I forgot: it has to sell like Halo to be a success. On Xbox, that means Halo and... well, Halo. All the rest of the games on Xbox- pretty much Forza, Gears, and Fable- sell the same as PlayStation titles, or worse.

Meanwhile, there's that 8 IP list you made for PS3, plus MANY others. As of a month and a half ago, the PS3 had ten exclusives that sold 4 million or more, and I doubt most of them need to sell that much to be considered successful enough for sequels(Killzone wasn't counted among those ten, for example, nor was inFamous). Another thirty games have sold more than a million- digital sales not included- which is a threshold most games PERIOD do not reach(roughly 200 out of over 1000 on the PS3). I'd say that's selling well.

But this is Death, here, and he's GOT to perpetuate the ignorant stereotype that Sony exclusives don't sell, even though they keep getting sequels.

ShinMaster2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

@ Death

PS3 is still getting PLENTY of exclusive support while 360 is dead. Not just from first party but also third party studios.

Sony has all of their studios working on PS4 games right now. But of course, you move the goalpost.
First you say there are no games, and when proven otherwise, you say no one buys them. But the truth is, most major exclusives sell anywhere from 3 to 6 to over 10 million.

jessupj2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

What's that Death? Were you saying something?

I couldn't hear you from all these great games I'm playing right now and in the future. You need to speak up a bit.

Oh and 2007 called... It wants it's FUD back.

Death2523d ago

"Sony has all their studios working on PS4 games"

"The PS3 is still getting plenty of first party support"

Essentially you are saying Sony's first party studios alternate days working on a PS3 title and a PS4 title...

@Hicken please shoot me something to backup your claims. The list I am looking at showa the IP's I listed with the addition of Motorstorm to add to the list. These are the core first party IP's that have the top sales on the Playstation.

@Jessup, which of those games on the giant list of PS4 exclusives are out and which ones on the entire list are you going to buy? I seen a couple that looked good. The rest are PS3 ports and indies.

ShinMaster2522d ago

@ Death

People said the same thing about the PS3. But were quickly proven wrong. You'd think people like you would learn their lesson by now.

""Essentially you are saying Sony's first party studios alternate days working on a PS3 title and a PS4 title... ""
Yeah sure, that's exactly what I said /s
No need to act dumb. Let me put it a different way so you can understand better.

Sony's first party studios have been supporting the PS3 up until the end of 2013, while third party studios continue to support it well into 2014.
This is further proof that PlayStation consoles always get plenty of support. So you go ahead and hang on to the "no games" argument as much as you want, it won't be long before you're all eating crow. Again.

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Software_Lover2523d ago

Live would become 80.00 a year.

ITPython2523d ago

Amazon prides itself on giving us the most bang for our buck, and Prime is the perfect example of that. Pays for itself in just a few months (or less) and is 110% worth it. It's a lot like PS+ in that regard, where you actually get things for free that are useful and worth something.

If anything, XBL would be cheaper than it is now because there isn't much worth in it (in terms of free games and whatnot). Heck, I wouldn't push it past Amazon to offer it for free. Or more likely what would happen is they would keep the price the same but offer everybody who has XBL free access to Amazon's movie and TV services (like you get with Prime).

starchild2523d ago

The consoles just launched and the PS4 will get more games in time. It's already doing fine for the launch period.

But I also think it is stupid to act like Microsoft isn't providing competition to Sony. I bet Sony would highly disagree with that. Again, the consoles just launched and a lot of people are jumping the gun with their assumptions and prognostications of doom and gloom.

Kiwi662523d ago

"The consoles just launched and the PS4 will get more games in time " that can also be applied to xbox one could'nt it

demonddel2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

What would be interesting is if Microsoft buys the PS brand not Sony as a whole but the PS brand that would be wicked I can see the suicide rate goin up by 60fps

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Axios22524d ago


So let's see

The X1 is selling faster than:

Xbox original
Xbox 360

How stupid does one have to be to suggest this crap?

Filthcardia2523d ago

If you read the article, you'll find I'm not suggesting that. The brand has lost $2 billion every year since release. It doesn't matter if Xbox One is selling faster; that's the novelty. But as the novelty wears off, sales will slow.

vikingland12523d ago

How much has Sony lost through the years?

Letthewookiewin2523d ago

@Vicking Sony has lost money in other divisions. It's entertainment and Playstation divisions are very profitable.

Utalkin2me2523d ago


Sony is still in the green from PS1 and PS2. MS is still in the red from each console.

MysticStrummer2523d ago

"as the novelty wears off, sales will slow."

Apparently the novelty wore off a couple of months ago, because that's when XB1 sales dropped off big time.

SITH2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Bull crap sony's entertainment division is very profitable. They are looking at cutting it back significantly to keep the doors open.

And keep making stuff up.

n4rc2523d ago

2 billion a year huh?

I'd honestly love to see where you got that info..

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MysticStrummer2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

"The X1 is selling faster than:

Xbox original
Xbox 360

How many of those consoles had supply shortages at the beginning of their lifecycle? Two or three of them did, I know.

XB1 (((was))) selling very fast for a brief period of time late last year, but since the holidays those sales have dropped way off. PS3 recently outsold XB1, and PS4 is outselling it in pretty much the only territory MS had a real shot at this generation, even though PS4 is much much harder to find.

It's fun to watch such enthusiastic denial.

starchild2523d ago

The generation just started, why not give it some time before you start jumping to all sorts of conclusions?

MysticStrummer2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

For the record, I don't think MS will sell, spin off, or kill XBox, and I don't think the fat lady is singing. All I'm saying is that there are certain signs already, and to ignore them blindly like Axios up there ("ROFL") is irrational.

ShinMaster2523d ago

PS4 is selling faster than:

Xbox original
Xbox 360
Xbox ONE

The difference is, believe it or not, the Xbox division is not very profitable, while PlayStation is. Microsoft have suggested getting rid of Xbox.

0pie2523d ago

if ms kill xbox division ... Its fair to say that gears of war will run in 1080p and 60fps for the 1st time of the game franchise on ps4 =P

incredibleMULK2523d ago

I don't think Ms will kill Xbox because they just bought gears franchise off epic. Xbox is one of Ms only profitable divisions due to live and they're still making $22 off each console. I would laugh my ass off if they did close it though., I just don't think they would just because of all these opinion pieces.