Why Reviews Should Stop Apologising For Nintendo

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze reviews suggest there's a little too much favouritism given to Nintendo these days.

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finite3387d ago

Or the reviewer actually enjoys the game as reviews are opinion based, just like this opinion piece.

Vegamyster3386d ago

I laughed at this

"Nintendo has done the very least with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – and yes, that is still a great game – but it has made no effort to change either the franchise or the genre in any significant way."

When is the last time we really have seen a game that changed any genre in a significant way? As long as the game is challenging, has good level design and is fun then why complain?

pcz3386d ago

that's the problem though, accepting a mediocre and unoriginal game, just because its just as banal as other games in the genre.

games like mario bros, mrio bros 3, super mario world, mario 64, mario galaxy... those changed the genre, they stepped the game up.

i would never buy this tropical freeze game, looks totally boring. been there, done that. heck, DK returns only came out a few years ago.

freeze is redundant

Vegamyster3386d ago

@pcz Do you know what a Mediocre & unoriginal game looks like? Why don't you go look at or play Aliens: Colonial Marines or Duke Nukem Forever ect.

The latest example you gave is Mario Galaxy which is 7 years old, Returns came out 4 years ago. just because you think the game looks boring just negate the vocal majority of people who have actually played it said it's good.

pcz3386d ago

''Do you know what a Mediocre & unoriginal game looks like?''

ive been playing games for over 20 years, knowing a mediocre game when you see one becomes second nature. and i know this freeze game is nothing special.

''The latest example you gave is Mario Galaxy which is 7 years old''

well that only highlights a greater problem- nintendo havent made any creative progress to the 'adventure/platform genre in 7 years.

''Returns came out 4 years ago.''

big deal, it didnt need a sequel. or at least, not one with no innovative ideas. lets just be totally honest, that latest rayman game is probably the best thing to happen to the 2d platforming gnre in a very long time. nintendo should be worried. nintendo should respond with something that challenges it.

freeze isnt that game.

Vegamyster3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )


"ive been playing games for over 20 years, knowing a mediocre game when you see one becomes second nature. and i know this freeze game is nothing special."

So have i lol, i named two games that are considered by both critics & users to be crap yet you're still going to tell me Tropical Freeze is mediocrity because it doesn't innovate? Like i mentioned in my first comment:

"When is the last time we really have seen a game that changed any genre in a significant way?"

I was clearly referring to others as well, what was the last innovative title from Microsoft, Sony or Ubisoft/EA/Activision ect for that matter?

A game doesn't have to innovate to be good.

"big deal, it didnt need a sequel. or at least, not one with no innovative ideas. lets just be totally honest, that latest rayman game is probably the best thing to happen to the 2d platforming gnre in a very long time. nintendo should be worried. nintendo should respond with something that challenges it."

Retro Studios are the ones who wanted to make the game and now that's it's done they're going to move on, it's considered good whether you like it or not.

Edit: Even the guy who made this article who said it's great.

REDBEARD3386d ago


Rayman Legends wasn't that different mind you. That doesn't make it bad either. DKCTF is a very difficult game which is one of the reasons why 9 critics thought it was okay.

Are you really going to ignore the 40 plus critics who praised the game? I guess its difficulty is too much for a guy who is used to hand holding. You can't tell me this game is mediocre because it is simply not true. Try putting some logic in your opinion because you come across as huge fanboy, lol.

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Sly-Lupin3386d ago

Plenty of reviewers tend to give Nintendo games free passes--but most of the apologism I see in the media/industry/community this generation is for Sony. Last generation, for Microsoft.

with Nintendo, I really only ever see anonymous N4G fanboys attempt apologize. Possibly because many of Nintendo's decisions simply cannot be reconciled outside of a deluded mind. The media just omits negative aspects of Nintendo games--or worse, resort to illegitimate criticism. You see this in every review for Super Mario 3D World that praises the fantastic multiplayer, but fails to mention the anachronistic lack of online, or the countless Mario & Luigi review s that said nothing of the constant tutorializing.

Prior to the Mass Effect 3 fiasco, I would have argued that omission is WORSE than apologism (because it hides crucial information from consumers), but now I believe the reverse is true. Apologize is actively, violently anti-consumer, as evidenced by all the insulting anticritical articles published in the wake of ME3.

NYC_Gamer3387d ago

Yes,DK might not have changed much over the years but that doesn't stop people from having a blast playing as the huge ape.

DonDon3387d ago

I agree 100% with this article. Very good points made.

wonderfulmonkeyman3386d ago

No, there's a lot of hypocrisy in that article that just points out how against Nintendo the author is, when he'll gladly give a pass to most everything else for being just as bland and unchanging.

diepdiep3387d ago

I don't get why Barnes even bothers complaining that Tropical Freeze feels "old". As long as a game is fun, that's all that matters. The glowing reviews that Donkey Kong is getting shows that many enjoyed it.

Also, "too much favoritism given to Nintendo"? Where has this guy been?

lilbroRx3386d ago

Indeed, Halo, Gran Turismo and Call of Duty feel old but people still rate those highly.

LAWSON723386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Halo will never feel old to me (except 4), and how can Gran Turismo feel old it is a simulator for driving (unless driving bores you)? COD cant be feeling to old considering millions of people are still buying it yearly and playing it the whole year.

BoneBone3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Of all the companies and publishers you point the finger at, you choose Nintendo, when there are far, far, far worse offenders.

Nintendo are the most creative company in this industry and take more risks and try new things than anyone. But hey, that doesn't matter because of one game that was designed to stay close to its classic roots.

Are you for real?

Of course you are... you actually are for real aren't you. Shame on you.

-Foxtrot3387d ago

"Nintendo are the most creative company in this industry and take more risks and try new things than anyone"

If that was true we would of seen a crap load of new IPS from them...but we haven't.

Nintendo sticks to tradition...which means they'd rather stick with the IPs they have then make new ones.

jcnba283386d ago

Nope. Nintendo are the most creative and take the most risks when it comes to both hardware and software.

AsimLeonheart3386d ago


How about giving some examples and backing your statement with some facts? Denial is not enough.

wheresmymonkey3386d ago

this gen thus far Wonderful 101 and X, nes remix and steel diver,

Last gen wii sports, fit and music. AS well as Pandoras Tower, the Last Story, Xenoblade and Captain Rainbow.Sure they were made by seond parties but the big N owns the rights to all of them. That's just off the top of my head.

on handhelds - brain training and nintendogs

on the GC we got eternal darkness and batallion wars.

TL:DR Nintendo do continue to make and invest in new ips. Just because you;re not interested in them doesn't mean they don't exist.

Nerdmaster3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Hardware-wise, if you're still looking for examples, then it makes me think that you're only joking. Digital pad, shoulder buttons, analog stick, rumble, motion controls, two screens, glasses-free 3D, the first wireless controller that actually worked...

Software-wise, making the first successful transitions from 2D to 3D with Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time, making a whole AAA game using motion controls with Zelda Skyward Sword (Microsoft is STILL trying to make an AAA game that uses Kinect...), using gyroscopes in GBA games, putting together characters from different franchises in the same game, risking on making "non-game" software like Brain Training and Wii Fit, great games that rely on "non-traditional" controllers (again, Microsoft still can't figure it out how to do it)...

truechainz3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

New IP does not automatically equal creativity. Take The Last of Us. That game was fantastic (just finished 2nd playthrough) and was a new IP, but nothing about that game hasn't been done before in some form (not necessarily just video games). I felt deja vu from most other survival/apocalyptic themes in both movies and books. That doesn't mean it wasn't good because the reason that game is so good is how it presents all those themes used before in a way that entices the player and immerses them. Then take a game like Pikmin. That game has creativity pouring out of all sides, and though it probably has its influences from other media as well, it was not as clear to me while playing it. It is still expanding on that even in its 3rd iteration. The point being is you (and many others) seem to think that just because an IP is new that means everything is creative and original. Rather creativity should be apparent regardless of what iteration the game is on. I would argue we see more creativity in the level design in indie games and games like Mario 3D world (to the point where I would be surprised and impressed if the inspiration of which wasn't accompanied by LSD) than most games today.

AsimLeonheart3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )


I acknowledge those few JRPGs even though they faded in to obscurity without any follow-ups. Also Wonderful 101 is a new IP even though eccentric and flop but X is just a sequel/successor to Xenoblade. However, please dont count shovelware, eshop games and casual games as new IPs. I am talking about major core games that make an impact on the industry or mark the start of new franchises. Games like Uncharted, Last of Us, Gears of War, Halo, Little Big Planet, Mass Effect, Infamous, Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry, Ni no kuni, Alan Wake, Borderlands, Dead Space, Bioshock and many others. Each of those IPs were created within the past decade. What new franchise has Nintendo brought to the industry within the past decade?

Nerdmaster3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Out of those games, which ones were created by Sony or Microsoft? Few of them. Most of them were created by third-parties. You can say "Nintendo should attract more third-parties", but implying that Sony or Microsoft created IPs like "Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry, Ni no kuni, Alan Wake, Borderlands, Dead Space, Bioshock and many others" doesn't make sense at all.

Oh, and Ni No Kuni was released first for DS...
And Halo is more than a decade old.

DanManDantheMan3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

It takes a certain level of creativity to keep a franchise started decades ago fresh.

A new IP doesn't define creativity. Nintendo could have repainted DK as Koala Country, but would that signify creativity? No.

REDBEARD3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )


You are embarrassing yourself once again, lol. Xenoblade, The Wonderful 101, and The Last Story are new IPs. Sure Nintendo didn't make those games, but Microsoft and Sony didn't make Uncharted or Halo. Nintendo actually makes their games and their hardware. They look at their games from a gameplay perspective. One of the reasons we play games is to have fun. Nintendo delivers that. Not saying Sony and Microsoft don't, but you have to give Nintendo credit.

Baccra173386d ago

You'd be better off discussing this with a wall than a NinCultist.

Nevers0ft3386d ago

A new IP does not equal creativity, they're entirely separate things.

Take Super Mario 3D World for example - that thing is stuffed to the hilt with new gameplay mechanics, yet it's "another" Mario game... Slapping a different character in the game wouldn't suddenly affect the core gameplay, which is where the creativity is.

Similarly, you could release a new IP with a rich and varied backstory and characters, then cram them into the most generic and uninspired game imaginable... Is that more creative?

GordonKnight3386d ago

This game is most 3D looking 2D game I've seen. They did add two player co-op.

I would like to see a new IP though.

n4f3386d ago

That's because the wall is smarter than you.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3385d ago

Xenoblade - X
The Last Story
Steel Diver
Sakura Samurai
Pandora' Tower
The Wonderful 101
Disaster Day of Crisis
Endless Ocean

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Kane223386d ago

im pretty sure Sony out of 3 is the only one who takes bigger risks than anyone. so far Nintendo has played it safe for years.

AsimLeonheart3386d ago

I agree. Sony is the one that introduced CDs to the gaming industry, made gaming mainstream, introduced bluray, dual shock controllers, introduced several new IPs over the years and many other things. Nintendo is the one that held on to cartridges when CDs were introduced, shunned HD gaming, shunned online gaming and shunned various genres of games except platformers.

Nerdmaster3386d ago

Wow, you're REALLY uninformed, aren't you? Sony didn't introduce CDs. SEGA CD already existed three years before the first PlayStation was released (and even then, I'm not sure SEGA was the first one). Dual Shock was created only after Nintendo released their controllers with analog stick and rumble. The first PS controllers didn't have either.

lilbroRx3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Actually, NEC introduced CD's to the gaming industry with the Turbo Graphx CD if I'm not mistaken, and then SEGA.

Also, Nintendo didn't shun HD graphics. They didn't see a reason to charge customers $500+ just for graphics.

They chose a more creative route than just focusing on graphics "again and again" like Sony. They introduced a new gaming standard itself which both Sony and Microsoft later copied.

Concertoine3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

If nintendo played it safe they wouldve made a ps4 clone, which wouldve been much more successful. They are suffering financially because they tried something new. The wii was also a big risk.

LAWSON723386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

That is why the PS4 is a PS3 with 1080p? Please correct me if I am wrong, I would love to see how it is not.

They dont take risks at all really. For example look at the successful Demon Souls, you know who had to localize it in EU and NA, Namco and Atlus. Why? Probably due to the West clearly being appealed by action and big blockbuster titles, so they probably saw zero potential and did not want to a risk.

I would love to know how introducing CDs as a risk. I did not know pushing an invention that is clearly better than cartridges was a risk. Are the first ones to sell DVD players risk takers, lol? Made gaming mainstream my ass, Nintendo did that with the NES, SNES, and Gameboy. Bluray was as much a risk as CDs, it is clearly a big risk to use a disc that is better than the competitions and is the future of HD physical movies.

stragomccloud3386d ago

I was going to give reasons as to why everything you've said is just wrong on so many levels; however, it seems that others have beaten me to the punch.

Except you, AsimLeonheart. You need to check you facts.

DC7773386d ago

Yes Sega had a cd add on. Sony mainstreamed the idea when Nintendo wanted to stick with cartridges. Nintendo took a huge risk with mini disc's in gamecube which was supposed to be the future. Obviously it never happened but it had been used in music cds here and there. MS and Sony battled it out over blu-ray and high def and blu-ray won. Nintendo mainstreamed motion control and the basics for every controller we have earlier on. Sony did that with disks and blu-ray. They have both brought us to this point so not much use arguing about it. DKTF is the first DK in HD. No other innovation is going on lately except steps towards VR and streaming. Gameplay remains the same because it's a guaranteed buck...Unfortunately.

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AsimLeonheart3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

So where are the new IPs if they are so creative and risk-taking? One or two new IPs in more than a decade like Wonderful 101 or Xenoblade do not cut it. The only risk they take is with hardware by introducing gimmicks or lagging behind the competition power-wise and shunning third party games. Nintendo is the most conservative out of the Big 3. Nintendo is the one that held on to cartridges when CDs were introduced, shunned HD gaming, shunned online gaming, shunned various genres of games except platformers and currently refuses to adapt to modern gaming landscape.
"Nintendo is the saviour of the gaming industry, Nintendo can do no wrong, Nintendo is fun, Nintendo is creative!"
You people keep chanting those claims continuously. Furthermore, you people bring soul, honour, shame, love and other such words in to the discussion when talking about Nintendo. What the hell has gaming got to do with these things? You people have gone blind and crazy in your love for Nintendo.

Blacklash933386d ago

Who are "You People"? And who has said that in your quotation? Making broad and vaguely-directed accusations while misusing quotes doesn't help your point.

AsimLeonheart3386d ago


"You people" refers to Nintendo fans. At least one or few or all of those statements fit the majority of the Nintendo fans for whom gaming on Nintendo platforms has become more than just a hobby. It has become a fanatic cultism for them that is associated with sentiments, beliefs and passion and needs to be practised and defended fervently.

truechainz3386d ago

Refer to comment above. Also enough generalities. Use specifics to prove your point. Using generalizations and hyperbole to make an argument is the best way to prove that it is an uneducated one.

RAFFwaff3386d ago

you need to get out more mate. sony isnt your all-knowing saviour. its a greed-infested company that smiles politely at you while going where the money is. Once they have got a few more million ps4 users, you will all be slowly and surely locked into digital-only product. its YOU who are delusional. If nintendo having soul and integrity equates to its fanbase as 'delusional' and in a 'cult', then count me in.

AsimLeonheart3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )


You just proved my point. "Nintendo has soul and integrity!" The same greedy company that keeps making sequels after sequels for guaranteed revenue and sells digital versions for the same price as retail games even though they are saving the money on the manufacturing and distribution. Another fanatic statement by a Nintendo cultist.
Sony is just a gaming company for me. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not evil, nor pious. They are just conducting a business. The same goes for Microsoft. If I do not like their product or business model at any point then I will just stop being their customer. I do not feel the urge to defend them vehemently and associate myself sentimentally to them unlike you. Save your love for real people instead of giving it to corporations and electronics.


I KNOW that SEGA CD was released before PSone. Have been gaming since the 80s dude. However, it was an add-on and a flop and was not the main storage medium. The genesis was still a cartridge based console. Playstation was the first console to use CDs as its main and only medium for games storage. You know what I meant in the comment so stop ignoring the actual point and getting in to semantics just to prove me wrong.

stragomccloud3386d ago

You are so delusional. It's time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid son. The truth is that Nintendo truly is the last gaming company with integrity as evidenced by their unwillingness to ship incomplete games, or games that charge up the wall for DLC that should have been part of the original game to begin with. Nintendo also never considered making used games unplayable. Sony had to see the reaction to Microsoft's debacle before making that decision. If you check early press releases and news regarding the PS4, you'll find that Sony did not want to comment on the ability to play used games at the time of announcement, and said only that they would announce something at a later time. In other words, they had to think about it. This was never even a conversation with Nintendo, of course it would play used games. Also, backwards compatibility is a given for their products, and Nintendo is now the only console platform that offers online gaming for free. I've been gaming online on PC since the 90s, so the idea of having to pay for online just seems silly to me.

BosSSyndrome3386d ago

A new IP does not equal a new experience.

Nerdmaster3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

You said "Sony is the one that introduced CDs to the gaming industry", and I pointed that it just isn't true.

The funny thing is that even "Playstation was the first console to use CDs as its main and only medium" is wrong, since Saturn was released before. Just a few deys before, sure, but it still contradicts what you said.

Just admit that you're wrong. By the time Sony created the PlayStation, many others were doing the same. As I pointed out, others even did it before Sony. Using CDs was not a risk, it wasn't a revolution. It was as evolution. The whole industry was headed in that direction.

The thing that you fail to see is that you keep talking about creativity and risks, but Sony is maybe the company who does those things the least. The things they "create" are always things that the industry is already doing, it doesn't really take risks. CD, online gaming, HD graphics, analog stick... Each of those things were already being implemented by others. I can't thing of one single thing that we can say "Sony did it first", other than keep getting higher capacity discs that, as I said, is an evolution not a revolution.

The thing that bugs me the most is that they're always trying to imitate things that other companies (mainly Nintendo) came up with first. Nintendo put shoulder buttons on their controllers? "Let's put shoulder buttons on our controllers!". Nintendo put rumble and analog sticks? "Let's put two analog sticks!". Nintendo made success with motion controllers? "Let's make the Move!". Microsoft created Achievements? "Let's make trophies!". Second Life seems interesting? "Let's create the Home!".

Not that I'm against it, of course. At least they do a good job at copying stuff, since they try to refine whatever they copy (even though DualShock's analog sticks are really crappy to this day). The problem is when fanboys ignore this fact and claim that Nintendo is the one that doesn't take risks and have to creativity.

Even considering the games, things that people see as innovative are either not innovative (Last of Us didn't create anything new) or are done by third-parties.

wonderfulmonkeyman3386d ago

So you dismiss all of the examples given as ones that "do not cut it", then take to personally attacking Nintendo fans with false statements that none of them have ever made which you claim "they keep chanting"...

You've just lost this argument and all of your credibility by doing something that immature.

Don't try again. You're wasting everyone's time.

Nevers0ft3386d ago

A new IP does not automatically make something "creative" you could make the most generic game imaginable and shove a new mascot on it. Nintendo is creative where it counts - gameplay mechanics and hardware (so much so that it bites them in the ass sometimes).

No93386d ago

Actually, first console with CD as it's main storage medium was.... 3DO in 1993

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