Wii Fit Products Helps New Mothers Lose Baby Weight

GamerFitnation: Having a newborn baby can rock a new mother’s schedule. Finding time to leave the house and lose the baby weight at the gym is sometimes not an option, or at least not an appealing one. Fortunately, a new study shows that Wii Fit can help new mothers lose an average of 11 lbs in three months.

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TheSuperior 2199d ago

Cute! I love it. Gaming is a perfect way for soon to be moms to relax before having the baby and a great way for moms to get rid of the unwanted weight. Cute post very unique and easy going compared to a lot of the other heated posts you read on here :)

Redinfamy2199d ago

Thanks a lot and for reading. Yup you hit it right in the nail.

G20WLY2199d ago

So does jogging on the spot. And that's considerably cheaper ;P

Justindark2199d ago

she didn't buy a wii u just for wii fit well i hope not cus that would be silly.

xReDeMpTiOnx2199d ago

Or it's just called watch what you eat......

Consume more calories than burned = gain

Consume less than what you burn = lose