Disgaea 4 Coming to PS Vita, NISA 2014 Lineup Detailed

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Last night, the small but spunky team at NIS America reminded downtown San Francisco of its dedication to quirky JRPGs and unusual adventures. Sporting matching white and blue “Dood” jerseys, the team presented its lineup for 2014 at a local venue, with a little help from a torrent of teaser trailers. Anime in-jokes, self-referential dialogue, and explosions of color dominated the multimedia showcase, staying true to NISA’s tradition of catering to otaku culture.

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Snookies123776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Ahh NISA... Love them so much, bringing over games like these that would normally never see releases in the west. I'll definitely be picking up Disgaea 4 when it hits Vita. Loved the PS3 version, so I can't wait to get into the new stuff.

nope1113776d ago

I know right? i'm definitely going to show my support for NISA

Remmulak3776d ago

I am going to buy the game because I loved Disgaea 3. Also very happy that NISA is bring these games over.

XboxFun3776d ago

Is this coming to 3DS? Because why would NISA miss out on a larger base install the 3DS has?

McScroggz3776d ago

No it's not.

Just one of those things I guess. Sometimes whenever an IP that isn't a AAA blockbuster has always been on one platform/ecosystem, the developer just keeps it there. As long as Disgaea continues to come out on PS3/PS4/PSVita I'd love for it to go to Nintendo consoles as well.

Is there any way we can make NIS port Disgaea to 3DS and Capcom can port Ace Attorney to Vita? :D

Ratty3776d ago

The first Disgaea was ported to DS... possibly also the second. But IMO the port was inferior. They removed most of the voice over... and the little that was left was english-only.

Their plan might also be to support the Vita. It definitely needs more than the competition.

TomShoe3776d ago

Not really if only because the 3DS is primarily bought for children, and NIS wouldn't really have much of an audience for that system. Same reason why they don't develop for Xbox.

Inception3776d ago

NIS already tested the water for Nintendo handheld (NDS) with Disgaea 1 and it's not selling. Since then, they stick with their original fanbase.

nope1113776d ago


Because the 3DS is an inferior childrens toy that caters to children of course. THE VITA IS A REAL MANS GAMING DEVICE THAT CAN HANDLE SUCH MANLY GAMES LIKE DISGAEA.

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corvusmd3776d ago

Hahah....stupid dislexia..I was scanning the titles and accidentally read this one as "diarrhea 4 coming to PS Vita" Oops. "That doesn't sound like a game I'd like to play at all"

L0YD3776d ago

This is painful to read.

Alex_Boro3776d ago

Sorry, but JRPGs won't save a struggling system.

RiPPn3776d ago

This has been sitting in my PS3 backlog for a year, really need to play this game.

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