Danganronpa 2 Getting Affordable Nagito Komaeda Figure by Good Smile

If you love the Danganronpa series, Good Smile Company has a treat for you coming down the line, a figure portraying Nagito Komaeda.

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The best new iOS and Android games to download in September

Social media bumming you out? Replace some of that time with some mobile games. These are the best new options available in September.

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1117d ago

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition launches on mobile

Spike Chunsoft is continuing its celebration of the 10th anniversary of Danganronpa with the release of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition on mobile.

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Danganronpa Series Publishing Will Return to Spike Chunsoft Going Forward

Until very recently, the Danganronpa games have been published in the west by NIS America, despite being developed by Spike Chunsoft.

deleted1158d ago

Yea, hopefully they remain on PSN under Spike Chunsoft publishing. I have the first one on Vita and was really enjoying its deranged quirkiness. I really didn't want to rush to get the rest of them right now, but I had wanted to eventually after I finished the first.

Hakuoro1158d ago

That's cool, i'm glad these will be coming back to thier respective platforms under Spike Chunsoft. It's good to see them be able to self publish not that there was any problem with NISA who is one of my favorite publishers.