Check Out These Character Posters for South Park The Stick of Truth

Clickonline writes: "In the game you'll play a new kid who has to navigate their way through elementary school while also going on an epic quest for the stick of truth. Which could be anything really. Naturally, they'll interact with the cast along the way, including Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman - all with their original voices."

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GamerRising2526d ago

it angers me that this game took so long to come out. I understand THQ went out of business but still. I actually really wanted this game but I gave up on it. I wouldn't be surprised if this game doesn't do so well in the market.I feel as if this game will get a price drop in no time

fattyuk2526d ago

so you would of be happier if they released an unfinished product earlier?

on topic : psyched for is game

bienio2526d ago

Im gonna try this game defenitly😃