The ten finest RPGs you can get on your PlayStation 3

Digitally Downloaded writes: "There's only a few RPGs left to release on the PS3 now. The majority of development for those scale projects is moving to the PS4... but it is worth noting that quality over quantity and those RPGs left to release on the PS3 include Dark Souls II and Drakengard III.

With that said, I thought we could look back at the PS3 RPGs - both western and Japanese, and which I personally felt were the finest the console could offer. I'm very keen to hear what your thoughts are and which RPGs are your favourite on the console, so be sure to sound out in the comments below!"

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DualWielding2901d ago

Valkyria Chronicles
Resonance of Fate
Kingdom Hearts 1.5. HD Remix

Hicken2901d ago

I really hate when people put Skyrim on such lists. It might have improved, but what shipped on disc- which is what gamers bought- was crap Bethesda knew they could get away with releasing.

Skyrim gets no vote from me.

Then the author says people who like Valkyria Chronicles didn't play many JRPGs on PS3. Which is an observation I don't believe for a second.

StockpileTom2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I see Valkyria Chronicles as more strategy than RPG but it really does blur the lines. I think it is in a class of its own and I find it to be a true masterpiece which is a term I don't throw around lightly. (I don't even consider any game in the SOCOM series I love so much to be a masterpiece. The same goes for the Souls games which I believe fall just short.)

I really would love the series to continue onto next gen and perhaps add even more RPG elements into it. I don't have much faith in that happening though since SEGA always sends their games out to die with little to no advertising... then they turn around and kill off good series because of poor sales.

[I'm sorry about all the edits- it is hard to compose my words being this tired.]

joab7772901d ago

Valkeria is my favorite...No No Kuni is a close 2nd. After that it gets muddled. Dragon Age is good. Skyrim is a good open world game but I dont love the world leveling w/ you.

Oh...and Kingdoms of Amalur is very good too.

Treian2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Missing Tales Of Games...

RondoMachete2901d ago

Fallout 3 should be on there,it's the game that got me into RPG's. Still play it and always will,Awesome.

TheSaint2901d ago

Me too, bought it on release and still play it.

McScroggz2901d ago

There are a nice mix of RPG's to chose from on the PS3. Hopefully, Persona 5 will end up being a game that exceeds expectations and is the best of the bunch.

Persona 4 Golden (Vita) is simply amazing.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2901d ago

Enchanted Arms was my first RPG on the PS3.

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