Bloodstroke - As We Play I Expansive

Aside from being one of the most respected Hollywood action directors on the planet, John Woo has also enjoyed a healthy relationship with the video games industry.

A few years back, he famously created a video-game sequel to his classic film, Hard Boiled. Strangehold captured the likeness and voice of Chow Yunn-fat and followed in the vein of action/adventure Max Payne with bullet-time, big explosions and hard-hitting story. This was also the first game to make use of Unreal Engine 3 and was the first project both Yunn-fat and Woo had worked on since the original Hard Boiled. The game was received very well by the critics and is still one of the finest examples of a game based on a movie we’ve seen out in the wild.

Woo’s latest is an entirely new intellectual property and currently a mobile exclusive. A logical move, considering the amount of people with access to the platform. The biggest surprise however, is that this is a more entertaining skirmish than his Hard Boiled follow-up.

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