Xbox Fitness New Programs For Post-NFL season

GamerFitnation: Well, Super Bowl’s over. How much did you eat at the party? For that matter, how much did you eat throughout the season while watching the games? Want to work off those extra pounds? It’s good timing, because Xbox One just got some new additions to its library. Xbox Fitness now has four new workouts.

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Demobot3811d ago

I was hoping for NFL workouts. Oh well.

MorePowerOfGreen3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

^^LOL. You play ball in college/High school?

Demobot3811d ago

High School and Semi-pro. In Canada.

jetlian3811d ago

Got 50 stars last night! Still on 2nd stamp card though. P90x has alot of days to get achivement


Xbox’s Phil Spencer: Licensing arrangements mean Xbox Fitness can’t be made available offline

Stevivor -- "Finishing up our recent conversation with Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, we put him through a lightning round-style series of questions we affectionately dubbed, 'What would it take?'"

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Cindy-rella2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Most likely another lie like when they said xbox one cant work without kinect. That they cant reverse drm policies. That xbox one exclusives wont be on pc and other lies. Probably its just a ruse to encroach on gamers freedom to own their games and a way to start to slowly implement drm again

Hoffmann2825d ago

Inb4 someone replies that this is again the Microsoft hating weird N4G community and not Microsofts own fault that people don't buy what they say anymore.

2825d ago
Cindy-rella2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Scorpio sounds amazing, i cant wait to buy it in two weeks. Sar sar

Getting Ps4 pro first day which will be the most powerful console ever and comes out in two weeks

Id like my name to be mentioned first on that list

gangsta_red2825d ago

"Inb4 someone replies that..."

Inb4 that, but not b4 the same old usual suspects spreading paranoia, conspiracy theories and all other sorts of BS.

AngelicIceDiamond2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah uuh huh coming from the usual Xbox haters coming in here every time to turn something insignificant and small into something big. OMG DRM COMING BACK!!


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Perjoss2824d ago

remember when they said Halo2 was windows vista exclusive because it just wouldn't work on older versions, and then someone got it working on older versions of windows in a really short time, like less than 48 hours or something.

vallencer2824d ago

They're refunding people's money since they're shutting it down. My brother bought a few things and he was givin Microsoft cash back. The oh so evil company. It's not like they had to do that. But you're right let's focus on how they've lied to us. Except it's called evolving. They had a vision and it didn't pan out so they evolved their vision. How about that ps4 external hard drive support?? Oh wait it still doesn't exist. Yet if someone brings that up you always hear "well at least I can swap my internal hard drive out unlike the xbox." They've both said and done things they haven't delivered on or changed their mind. It's almost like their a corporation who wants to make money and change accordingly to do so.

TheUndertaker852824d ago

Right? Sony didn't reimburse people when they shut down the MAG servers effectively making the game a non-usable piece of content as the entire game was online only.

They also didn't reimburse people who bought the DCUO discs after the disc product became unusable.

jmetalhead778122824d ago

Exactly. I bought the P90X XB workouts, used them regularly for more than 2 years and they completely refunded every penny. Plus, they let me know 1 year ahead of time. Was not expecting that at all. Yet, these idiots seize any opportunity to trash MS/XB with no research whatsoever. I can picture these people on n4g all day refreshing the page so can be first to jump on an XB article to make some stupid comment.

Chris122824d ago

Hoffman and Cindy-rella trashing another Xbox article with their anti-MS propaganda and FUD. Grow up silly little boys.

TheUndertaker852824d ago

"“It’s about licenses,” he began, adding Microsoft only had a finite period with which to use fitness regimens by the likes of Jillian Michaels and P90X."

It's hardly hard to believe Jillian Michaels and P90X wouldn't have some type of terms, limitations, and clauses in the contracts for them to be used by Xbox Fitness. They both literally make a living off of similar products that both repackage constantly.

milliniumstylz2824d ago

I see this type of comment on every Xbox article now.

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2825d ago
-Foxtrot2824d ago

Oh no...if I die from a heart attack I won't be able to pay off my student loan and other debts


christocolus2825d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It would be really cool If they could get it to work offline. It worked really well with kinect v2 and my friends and I enjoyed doing many of the workout routines.

OpieWinston2824d ago

Well my brother bought the P90X workouts on Disc a long time ago so I know I'll be fine borrowing a few of them from him.

Aenea2824d ago

You'd think MS would throw some money to these license holders so they could keep this game going, they've plenty money, so why didn't they? Might have been a simple business decision that it wasn't making enough money for them, nah, can't be, MS isn't like that, they are consumer friendly and not all about the money!

TheUndertaker852824d ago

It's not entirely up to Microsoft as P90X and Jillian Michaels market similar products that likely pays them nicely as well, in particular when they've released more than one and likely think they could move more units along with newer iterations elsewhere, bringing them more profit.

Aenea2823d ago

Then they can ask more money from MS! Or MS can just offer them a buttload of cash and make an offer they simply would be crazy to refuse!


When Xbox Fitness gets lazy

Nicholas Simonovski and Andy Gray, both of Stevivor -- "I can say with 100% certainty now that I will not be going digital anytime soon. The reason for me no longer considering digital game purchases is the decision Microsoft made last week concerning Xbox Fitness. For those who didn’t see it, Microsoft announced that it would be ceasing support for the application. On June 27th they removed it from the Xbox Store, not a huge deal as those who have purchased games in the past were still able to play them if they were de-listed."

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