Will next-gen gaming kill couch co-op?

GamePointsNow takes a look at just why couch co-op could soon be a thing of the past thanks to our new shiny consoles.

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Christopher1801d ago

This and last gen pretty much already started killing it off already.

Mr_cheese1801d ago

It really dissapoints me that couch co-op/ split screen is slowly dissapearing. I really liked going to a friends house and chilling with beers and doing nothing but rotting on split screen. I understand the whole online co-op and all, but i still like the option to see and play with friends in person. I would really love more support. When resistance first came out on ps3, split screen for that was epic!

Chrischi19881801d ago

This is why it is not next gen for me... I want choice between online multiplayer and local multiplayer, having just one of the two, is bad, even though, I would choose local over online anytime. I am not a big fan of sitting alone at home playing games online against people I dont know.

webeblazing1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Its already dead. Its funny because this one of the main reason to game on consoles now its fading away. Fast I might add. I dont remember the last time I seen local coop. It one of the reasons why mostly playing on PC Dont bother me, that and the ton of games plus the gfx . Oh n free mp

Chrischi19881801d ago

True, consoles become more and more like PCs, but all act like its better on PCs, then if you ask why this console is better than the other console, they mainly say things, which were PC things.

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dedicatedtogamers1801d ago

It won't kill it off, but it will cause the customers who want that experience (for instance, the Wii crowd) to leave the market. X1 is poised to be the best couch co-op system in the regard, what with Kinect being integrated and all. But the price and brand image won't give it the same oooomph as the Wii had.

ZodTheRipper1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

lol wut? Even though I _completely_ disagree with the Kinect part I have to add that I enjoyed PlayRoom more than any Kinect game on X360. I still have a few videos of us messing around with the PlayRoom and we even watched them a second time because it was so fun.

UnholyLight1801d ago

I refuse to let the Halo online splitscreen drinking games die out!!!!!!!!!

chrissx1801d ago

I just hope somewhere somehow it doesn't. Last gen started it and its so frustrating really. It should be standard requirment for a co-op game

king_george1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Couch co op is the first thing i look at when a game says "multiplayer" on the box lol. I feel like couch co op is coming back strong actually. You just need to know where to look.

-Double dragon neon (beat this with my gf. Fantastic game i loved it)
-Dead nation (co op at its best in my opinion)
-Resident evil 5/6 (they kinda suck but still fun with friends)
-CoD (yeah i know its CoD but its still fun with friends too)
-Uncharted 3 (fun as hell to play with a friend)
-Diablo 3 (havent played it yet but i know i'll like it)
-Borderlands series
- Gears of War (not big on the series but people love it)
- Dragons Crown
- PS All stars battle royal
- Donkey Kong
- Mario
- LittleBigPlanet
- Guacamelee

webeblazing1801d ago

That list Dont look like a come back . Old game remakes, old games, and genres that expect to have local coop(sidescrollers) do not equal. Most maybe Dont want to spend time and resources on it especially how console gamers are starting to care more about gfx.

king_george1801d ago

I honestly cant understand what your saying for most of that paragraph but i gathered that you pretty much just brushed all those games off like nothing. Co op is still here and will only get stronger. Its not like the old days but its still here. Annd all those games do count by the way. You cant say "it doesnt count" because those ARE co op games. Theres a whole bunch of other games that i didnt even mention

Blues Cowboy1801d ago

Maybe, but it won't stay down. Just look at the way board games are resurging - people want to play together, and videogames need to remember that.

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