Poaching The Witcher - 11 Bit Studios Comments on Signing CD Projekt RED Staff

Grab It Magazine has some comments from 11 Bit Studios, developer of Anomaly 2, on the recent poaching of two lead devs from The Witcher series.

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iosgamer1711d ago

I think this is a great move for this indie dev - I really hope these guys do return to some RPG stuff on a smaller, more creative scale.

SlappingOysters1710d ago

It sounds like they won't be. But they are doing something new, not working on Anomaly. Very interesting.

SlappingOysters1710d ago

It seems like such an odd time to move. They must been working on The Witcher 3 for a long time, and you got to wonder why they felt so over it they had to leave this close to its release. That said, heaps of respect for the way CD Projekt run their business, so maybe there isn't any secret to it all.