Game x Movie: Riddick

"Here are some games for fans of Riddick, and the entire Movie Series in general. These choices go hand in hand with the cinematic experience." -Play Legit

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TheRedButterfly1712d ago

If the game is anywhere near as good as Butcher Bay, i'll be all over it! Riddick is one of my favorite anti-heroes, so his return to the gaming industry is more than welcome in my book!

That being said, the game's existence is 5-month-old news. (I know this is an opinion piece, but whatever.)

Hellsvacancy1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

"Riddick’s latest adventure was quite possibly his best one yet" wtf?

Riddick was AWFUL

I loved the early films aswel, loved the games, but I honestly hated the new one, it looked so cheap (yes I know it was made with a small budget, it certainly shows)

I've still got hopes for a better sequel, it's pretty much been announced, and it will have a BIGGER budget

Activemessiah1711d ago

We need a PROPER Riddick game similar to the first two... I'm gonna ignore that iOS release entirely.