5 Most Controversial Video Game Makeovers

Sonic Boom’s got us thinking of some other games that changed it up in the style department.

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CrossingEden1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

My retort to people who don't think that DmC devil may cry is a great hack and slash game.
^ This amount of creativity in combos is not possible in anything other than a devil may cry game, (and bayonetta).
Plus, Dante has always been the epitome of what current trends were at the time, the long coat and double pistols were a homage to the matrix era. And the long ridiculous straight hair in DMC3 was a homage to how popular punk rock bands were at the time. Seems that gamers hate to be shown a mirror or hate to be shown people who resemble those in real life, even delsin rowe is getting alot of flack.

maniacmayhem1713d ago

I enjoyed the DmC reboot. The level design was excellent, the combos were inventive and in line with the original and the action was fast paced just like I would expect from the Devil may Cry series.

My only problem with the game was it lacked the Japanese flare and great cast of strange or exotic characters the series brought. And I was really looking forward to seeing more of Nero.

I've noticed that when a Japanese dev hands one of their IP's to a western dev, that dev leaves out the spirit or characterization that made the game great in the first place. They always go with more lewd visuals or shock value.

My opinion of course.

Information Minister1713d ago

DmC might even be a great hack and slash game in its own right, but it simply doesn't play like Devil May Cry, it doesn't look like Devil May Cry, it doesn't sound like Devil May Cry, it just isn't Devil May Cry. It feels like a completely new IP that got slapped with the DmC name in the late stages of development. It's not about which version of DMC is better, it's just that the new game strays too far off from the traditional formula. That's probably why most of the people praising DmC were not previously fans of the franchise (many had never even played a DMC game and/or were just fans of the developer).

I loved the 2008 version of Prince of Persia, probably because I never got into the previous games. But the people who did get into those games, the fans of the PS2 trilogy, were not happy with the franchise's new direction. Since they are the ones that made PoP 2008 even possible in the first place, I completely understand and respect their opinion. I wish DmC fans were equally respectful instead of falling back on the old and tired "it's the hair" argument.

Roccetarius1713d ago

That just about sums up how terrible it is. The minority just can't understand what made the older Dante's games more likeable.

The minority that bought the game, that is.

maniacmayhem1713d ago

Well that I've watched those....

showtimefolks1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

tomb raider was a very good game, it was not great or amazing IMO. I felt like the game did its job at a reboot and setting up to a bigger adventure down the road. The story was weak, besides the main character, all the side characters was kind of dull and it felt not enough attention was put into more polish time for them.

The MP was not needed, Square you better hear us all we don't want a throw in MP. Make the damn single player 15 plus hours and make it excellent and we will happily pay the full price. When will these publishers learn that gaming community isn't stupid

DMC reboot was excellent, i had a blast with it and that's coming from a long time DMC fan. I even like the new Character in DMC4 Nero. I feel like a lot of people passed on DMC just because of the main character not looking like old dante

capcom wanted something new and that's what the developers deliver. If you can pick up the game for $10-15 i can promise you that you will have a great time with the single player

One thing i didn't like was the 30 FPS for DMC, I hope for future games they go for thet 60 FPS quick combos that DMC is known for

Tedakin1713d ago

The Dante one is overblown, considering he became classic Dante at the end with the white hair. The next game I bet he's just back to the same character.

Roccetarius1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

There was nothing classic over what they did. That would be wrong to think that.

Kraftwerk1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I just know that Dante pic will one day become a douchebag meme.

ironfist921713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Why does no one talk about Spyro? Like seriously, what the hell happened to him?

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