Game gotcha stumped? Study suggests sleep on it

"That’s another DUH in the name of creativity.

A study published in January suggests that napping helps with problem solving, particularly when it comes to pesky puzzles or logic conundrums in a videogame.

Brazilian scientist Felipe Benjammini and his team conducted a series of tests over one week, asking a group of 29 subjects to solve logic puzzles in a game called Speedy Eggbert Mania over a 10-minute time span. The PC-based 3D game features an egg-shaped character whose job it is to rearrange boxes to reach a balloon and get to the next level."

-- Karen Rivera

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GentlemenRUs1714d ago

It's kinda true, Sleep can help one figure out/master the thing one needs to do on a game.

It's how I know how to edit levels, Code, Make texture and all that biss.

Dasteru1714d ago

I think that cat is learning calculus. I looked the exact same way in that class.