The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 69 – Samurai Gootch

"We could have gone the easy route like so many other podcasts. We could have made lewd jokes regarding this episode’s number, but I promise you we took the high road.

Instead, hosts Patrick Kulikowski, Stephen Hilger and Andrew Martins kept it by the numbers. Yep, no silly comments or anything at all. Just straight talk. This week, we take some time to talk about Valve’s music aspirations, CCP Games’ love of its fans and the loss of a loose fowl on our mobile devices.

In addition to all that, Patrick also shows us the stark difference between the Resident Evil Dualshock Edition’s soundtrack and the original after the internet blew up with news that Mamoru Samuragoch didn’t actually write the former. What ensues is…interesting, to say the least."

-- Pixelitis Staff

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