Should you buy The LEGO Movie Videogame or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

From the article, "[Jeremy Hill] purchased The LEGO Movie Videogame the day it came out. I’m a bit of a LEGO nut and have been rarely disappointed with LEGO games in the past, so I figured this was a safe bet. As I streamed the game, the question I got asked the most was whether someone should buy this or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I’m going to answer that question here just in case anyone else is wondering the same thing."

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Myst1715d ago

Yeah I agree with that. Both are Lego games and both seem to be really good.

WeAreLegion1715d ago

After you get both...get LEGO City: Undercover. It's easily the best LEGO game ever made.

Myst1714d ago

I already have that game and I do agree it's a really fun one. Love the comedy in it to!

Vitalogy1714d ago

I bought today a ps4 and ordered The LEGO Movie - Videogame but when I finish it I'll be getting LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for sure, I just love LEGO games ^^

WeAreLegion1714d ago

Very nice. I have them on PS4, too. I just hope we get more open world games from them.

for we are many1714d ago

I say buy both Plus LEGO City Undercover(best game in the series imo) all are awesome games, these are the best LEGO games to date.

Neonridr1714d ago

I love almost all of the LEGO games. I agree Marvel Superheroes is awesome. And Lego City Undercover was fantastic.