[Continue Play] Import Review - Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter

[Continue Play] Xseed's English localization of Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter is still months away from an English release.

And this time the series will be on the PC as well as the PSP.

How does the second chapter in this critically acclaimed series stack up? Continue Play dives into the Japanese game library to find out.

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Tidybrutes1805d ago

Never knew this was being localized, tempted to pick up part one now off PSN to play on Vita.

Ignored it as thought parts 2 and 3 were never being localized.

Articuno761805d ago

Yeah. It was quietly announced a little while back:

I wouldn't worry about the third game being localised or not because, truth be told, 'Trails in the Sky' is actually a duology; Second Chapter neatly wraps up the main story.

Trails in the Sky: The 3rd is more like a bonus game that acts as a bridge between the Trails in the Sky duology and the Crossbell duology that follows it. The main contribution it has to make is explaining what the Church's role is in the world and how they go about business.

But you could quite well skip The 3rd and go straight on to Trails of Zero without missing much.

3-4-51805d ago

I'm wondering if they might go that route and just include a translated overview movie of 3rd chapter, and localize Zero.

I'm still finishing the gagharv trilogy, then I need to play trails.

7/10 seems ok score though. I'm assuming others will rate slightly higher or maybe same.

shaft01401805d ago

I'm with you.

But I'm surprised there's no fan translations either? I've yet to play the game, but I've heard great things about it.