Being a Woman in the Gaming World

Being a lady on the internet can be a little rough. As I poke my head more and more into the world of gaming journalism, a number of questions go through my head as I see how others’ have been treated. Do I really want to stick my head out there? Do I really want to partake in this? Is this ever going to change?

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Agent20091709d ago

When I play with females on the multiplayer games, I always like to say:


I'm sorry, but I had to tell that to the world. I hope you understand.

Ced2141709d ago

At least you came out clean.

I never personally said anything bad online. Never, why? Because it doesn't make me feel good at all at the end of the day. Nothing in my life changes. I don't become strong, i don't become smarter etc.

A game's a game. It's made to be enjoyed by everyone. Regardless of Age, gender etc.

-Foxtrot1709d ago

Being a Woman in the Gaming World is the same as being a man in the gaming world as both genders are criticized and called names whether it's on the internet or an online game

It happens to everyone...

LAWSON721709d ago

This, if you ask me get over it. It is not like men dont get insulted. Women want to be seen as equal than quit whining and trying to make people feel sorry for you, maybe then you will get some respect.

Imalwaysright1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Not entirely true. I'm a man and I never had anyone hounding me but as soon as a woman starts talking when playing a game, more often than not, there is always that idiot that starts acting like a moron. It is quite disgusting.

Edit: I should clarify, I've never had anyone hounding me just because I'm a man but yeah plenty times I got the usual sore loser screaming at me because he lost a match but that is beside the point. Like Phoceenatic said below, women are harassed for the simple fact that they're women.

-Foxtrot1709d ago

Sorry but I can't believe you've never been called get called all kinds of stuff.

LAWSON721709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Not because they are women but because they are the minority, which are the most common to get picked on. I was once a lobby full of children and me and my cousin were the laughing stock of the match lol. If a white guy is in a group with black men who would be called out the black men or the only white guy? Are they racist if they call out the white guy, no. It is easier for someone to make fun of the obvious different person and get away with it. They are not made fun of for being women it is much more than that.

If their was a lobby full of women and I was the only man in the lobby who would get made fun of? Me. Would I go whine about it on the internet, no. I have been called every bad thing you can think of and quite frankly I could not careless what a couple of people say about me over the internet

Imalwaysright1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Interesting, so what you're saying is that because someone is in the "majority" when playing a game online, for some reason that gives that someone an excuse to act like an idiot, racist or sexist even though that someone isn't any of those things? Did I get that right? If I did, I can't agree with you. People that act that way really are idiots, sexists and racists and I have no doubt that the vast majority of those people are only openly so in the anonymity that the internet provides them.

NarooN1709d ago

Yep, doesn't matter who you are, what gender you are, how old you are, etc., someone somewhere will shit-talk you to hell just for the mere act of EXISTING.

Women definitely get discriminated against in online games (how many times have you heard the brainless 'hurrr git bakk in da kitchen hurr durrr" jokes?), but it happens to men as well.

I remember I was playing CoD4 back in the day, and ran into an all-female clan. They started shit-talking me and my party just for being matched up with them, as we literally said nothing to them to warrant such a response.

It's rare, but there are women out there who get online and treat men (and other women!) like dirt just to do it.

TL;DR: Humans are garbage, everyone is terrible, etc.

MRMagoo1231709d ago

In all honesty a lot of female gamers seem to like to be the one that gets the attention for being a girl from what i have seen in the years of online gaming, i mean a fine example is the names, how many males give themselves names like Guygamer or Malegamer or CODguy, then look at the girls that play games online the names they have most of the time are Girlgamer, CODgirl , Gotbeatbyagirl and things like that. If they don't want to stand out and be harassed by some stupid teenager why draw the attention in the first place?

I don't have anything against female gamers, my wife is a gamer, my wow guild is 70% female players and none of them try to point it out blatantly they just play the game like everyone else and thats that.

You will still get the douche on vent that notices there is a female talking and starts flirting like a horny hyena but it doesn't happen much.

My advice to the woman and girls that play games is just don't try to point out you are female all the time and just game.

My advice to the douche bags harassing girls on the internet, give it up and go out meet some girls in real life instead of being a creeper online.

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PixelNinja1709d ago

Come join the fun, genders mean nothing in a online world where you can be who you want to.
The NUMBER ONE RULE of online gaming is never announce your gender or use your gender for attention. You never hear male gamers doing streams with the title "Boy Gamer playing Tomb Raider" etc. The term "Gamer Girl" should never exist, people who use it are just pushing the gender boundary in gaming further apart.
Sure people can be dicks to you on microphones but who isn't? Just suck it up and either ignore them (mute/block exists for a reason) or strike back at them with something witty and hang out with all the cool kids.

In terms of genders in the gaming industry, females have already risen through the ranks and are making the games we all know and love today. For example 343industries is pretty much ran by females, e.g. Bonnie Ross (head of 343i), Kiki Wolfkill (greatest name in the history of everything)and BS angel.

LAWSON721709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Maybe thats why Halo 4 sucked, jk lol and only managed to finally have a emotion and love in Halo. I got a stop I might hurt someones feelings lol

Stringerbell1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I play a lot of The last of Us online and by now I have a party of three other people that I exclusively play with. One if which is some girl *gasp* and not a game goes by where an opposing player has to remind her that she is indeed a female. Last time I checked women are everywhere, why a lot gamers get all Ten Bundy-ish online is beyond me. Matter of fact I'm now looking out the window as I type and there goes a girl walking down the street! I think I'm going to go run outside and remind her that she's a girl and throw some cheese ball pick up line at her. Be right back...

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SteamPowered1709d ago

Meh, nobody is polite online. Whether it be man, woman, or beast. Keyboard warriors will always be there.

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