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JPS Writes: "Survival horror is back and it’s never been more terrifying or twisted. Indie developer Red Barrels has reminded us that true terror still exists in video games with their game Outlast. And given recent “horror” releases such as Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3, Outlast comes as a much needed savior for the genre. It’s dark, gritty, horrifying, intense and various other fear-inducing adjectives. It’s a game with only a handful of mechanics, which only heighten the sense of helplessness, and an atmosphere that is second to none. And now PlayStation 4 owners are getting their first taste of terror (while PC players have known fear since this past September) as it has opened the doors to the asylum to a new audience."

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Jughead34161764d ago

My wife and I had an argument, and her way to make up to me was to play an hour of Outlast in the dark with the headphones on. She was terrified afterwards. Funny as heck to me. This is the scariest game ever made. Hands down. Opening the door to an unexplored room seems like a test of bravery. The sick and twisted images you see stay with you. For instance, I climbed up a wall and seen an inmate having sex with a headless corpse. He seen me, popped up, then called me sick for watching him. Funny and derranged all at once. But lasting all the way until the end will test your manhood.

sagapo1764d ago

Agreed, this game gives me a very unsettling feeling while playing.
Last game that gave me a similar feeling was Condemned; close combat, dark rooms... but Outlast is better in giving me the creeps

Jughead34161764d ago

Maybe it's because we can't fight back. If I had a handgun, I wouldn't be nearly as scared. But creeping around with a video camera makes it more scary. But seriously though, you can't find something laying around and use as a weapon?

ExtoVert1764d ago

I put my self in the best setting i can. 1:00 am, home alone for the weekend, all lights off, fully charged Pulse Elite headset, volume and bass cranked all the way up, open the door of my room to a dark empty house. " im ready to play".........ha I must have lied to myself, it was a bad idea. Never has a game made me jump and look over my shoulder in my own house, I swear I could feel and hear my own heart beat while wear the headset. For a sec I thought I was going to have a heart attack....dont care playing it through to the end and getting my Balls back that were taken from the beginning of this game.

Salta_nelas1764d ago

Finished the game, played it in the dark with 5.1 digital surround, great intense ride! 8.5 game for me.