God Eater 2 Version 1.2 is a Change for the Better

Hardcore Gamer: Back when I did the import showcase for God Eater 2, I mentioned there was talk of story expanding updates. At the time I assumed that meant free or possibly paid DLC, but version 1.1 added new missions without the need to download anything else. This might seem pointless to some, but this choice allows people without Japanese or Asian accounts to experience the content without flashing their Vita. Now that version 1.2 is out, lets take a look at how this impacts the game.

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admiralvic1715d ago

Awesome to see a site continue covering a game after a big update. I really wish more sites would do that, since a number of games have had huge updates that fixed problems, but were overlooked due to initial reviews.

ChaosKnight1715d ago

I hope this game gets localized.

Gamehead---1715d ago

Don't know why it shouldn't.

Kamikaze1351715d ago

I wonder if they're waiting for the online multiplayer patch before announcing it for the West.

beakeroo11715d ago

Without flashing their Vita? lol, this terminology maybe a little off track.

killerluffy1231715d ago

What is wrong wth this game ? Even soul sacrfice took less than 6 months to localized , if it is reaaly that hard to release it for western ganers , can u just put in the english subtitles ? Lol most of us actually prefer the original voice rather than waiting for a year just to listen an english man talking -_-

admiralvic1715d ago

1) Bandai Namco has a terrible track record localizing things.
2) Soul Sacrifice was published / developed by Sony, so it makes sense it would come here fast, just like Freedom Wars most likely will.
3) God Eater 2 has a LOT more text and dialog than Soul Sacrifice. Like, several times more dialog than Soul Sacrifice.
4) God Eater Burst had awful sales. According to even an unreliable source like VGCharts, the game sold 30,000 total. You can times that by 10 and it still isn't an impressive number.
5) Bandai Namco clearly has little faith in Vita sales State side. Recently we've seen them bring over several Tales titles, but neither of the Vita ones have came over. I assume those would sell better than God Eater 2 and probably make more sense.