D-Pad, Outlast Review

"Outlast contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content and strong language. Please enjoy."

After hitting "New Game" on the main menu screen, the above introductory message is shown before a brief insight into the plot. Although this fairly broad but hefty warning was an informative flag to wave, I'd have preferred:

"Outlast will ruin the contents of your underwear drawer faster than concentrated chipotle. Please enjoy."

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gravelchalice1715d ago

Very freaky game! I don't recommend anyone play this with a surround headset on, you may end up in the hospital! I struggled to remain playing it as I got a bit annoyed with dying a lot. They had me all jittery every time I booted it up!

Allsystemgamer1715d ago

You're supposed to play wth a headset lol

gravelchalice1715d ago

I know buddy but doing so elevated my dry cleaning bill by a large margin!

GamingAngelGabriel1715d ago

I played with a friend because I'm a baby.

gravelchalice1714d ago

I'd have played it with a baby because I'm worse than that!

Rhezin1715d ago

yeah why the hell didn't I think to play this game with a headset. DUH! Guess I'll save up for one of those new Sony headsets for ps4.