My Two Cents - Don't localize it - Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5 (or as it is known in Japan, Ryuu Ga Gotoku 5: Yume Kanaeshi Mono) has not been localized yet. In fact it may never be localized.

But after playing through the import version Continue Play ponders whether that is such a tragedy or not.

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Ashlen1714d ago

I wouldn't pay one cent for your two cents.

Nic_Bunce1714d ago

Well it's a damn good thing you don't have to pay to read the article then, isn't it?

king_george1714d ago

A headline alone can put alot of readers off ya know. So... i'll pass on this one.

Yakuza series should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to play it :)

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1714d ago

I wouldn't even pay attention to this article. I just wanted to comment about how reading the article would just be a waste of time.

PS4isKing_821714d ago

It's yakuza. That's all I need to know. It needs to be brought over like the rest have been. Period.

tiffac0081714d ago

You had to step on our dreams D:

Articuno761714d ago

Oh you. Your dreams were already crushed by SEGA's indifferent localization team.

...and suddenly the true meaning behind 'Yume Kanaeshi Mono' makes sense: we are the ones with the dreams, SEGA is the one that doesn't grant them.

I like to think SEGA made that subtitle to carry that nuance on purpose. Deep stuff right there.

tiffac0081714d ago

Well yeah but there was no need to step on the pieces. D:

Section81714d ago

You're a complete fool.

Inception1714d ago


SEGA bought Atlus and there's a rumour about Atlus will localize Yakuza 5. So i don't understand what is your point with this article. If you don't like Yakuza 5 than fine. But Yakuza fans (including me) wants this game so bad that they don't mind to kill one or two people so they can have Yakuza 5 in the west.

And don't fully blamed SEGA about stoping the localization of Yakuza, because western gamers had a big chunck of responsibility too. If the majority of western gamers stop buying the same crap like CoD for every year and spent those money for Yakuza 3 + 4 + Dead Souls, i don't think we have this disscussion about why SEGA not localize Yakuza 5.

DanielGearSolid1714d ago

What you some kinda clown?!

You got jokes?!

Yakuza localization is a must!

Delete this article!


GamersHeaven1714d ago

My two cents stop writing articles.

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The story is too old to be commented.