GhostControl Inc. Review [Capsule Computers]

Indie developers Bumblebee are having quite the run of successful Kickstarter projects, with GhostControl Inc. and open world RPG Days of Dawn both trouncing their funding targets. Both games are heading to PC, Mac, and Linux, with GhostControl first announced in May last year and the first out of the gate- Days of Dawn is slated for a tenuous February release.

The offspring of Theme Hospital and the original XCOM (plus various other inspirations, most obviously the original Ghostbusters game), GhostControl Inc. tasks the player with running a successful ghost hunting business that hauls in the cash as well as the ectoplasm, promising “a hilarious ghost hunting simulation”.

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masterabbott1765d ago

man a ghostbusters clone that looks good but really doesnt deliver... man!! who am i gonna call now??? :*(