Scribble: What price The Elder Scrolls Online?

Is Zenimax's upcoming MMO too expensive to play? We do the math and consider its place in the current market.

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Shad0wRunner1714d ago

If it were would be "pay to win" bogged down by a ton of microtransactions. This is why P2P is the better model. Everything is covered in the cost of a P2P, it supports the developers with maintenance, patches, DLC, expansions and so on.

Now...I understand there is a percentage of people who prefer F2P and there is an equal percentage of people who prefer P2P. I personally prefer P2P MMO's. Those who are diehards, will pay the sub to play. Those who dont like paying subs, wont. That doesnt mean the game will bomb or fail. It splits the community between those who are serious about playing the game, at the cost of a sub...and those who arent.

Make no mistake about it. People WILL pay to play this game. For how long, depends on how good the game is...and whether or not Bethesda can keep it's popularity rolling with hot momentum. Im anxious to see how well this game does, TBH. I've waited a LONG time to see a developer rise up with an MMO that would destroy WoW. Maybe ESO will be the one....

Grave1714d ago

In less than 12 months from launch it will be F2P.

Eldyraen1714d ago

If so I'll at least know I was an early supporter plus I'll likely get bonuses just like DCUO.

In the long run it doesn't matter to me if they do decide to go f2p as sometimes it is the best option for them to take. If the game I enjoy (theoretically as haven't played it yet) can get more support, funds, players, etc by going that route I'm all for it.

1714d ago
mo2411714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

if it was p2p it was no problem for me atleast, but it isn't, its pay 2 play with microtransactions and a lot of big things are kept out of it unless you purchase the collectors edition. This is just going to far, then for what do you pay for the sub if not everything in the game is accessible to you. And who knows they frobably ask you to pay for more big stuff when the game is already rolling. So no for me I will just wait when it's free to play. they are just trying to milk the early adopters, who will buy it no matter what.

BallsEye1714d ago

Played it yesterday. Got into beta. So far I'm very unimpressed. I'm a huge Elder Scrolls Fan, been playing it since the very first one. I've also played tons of b2p, subscription based and free mmos. While graphically ESO looks quite good, everything else seem just like all other mmos. Sorry Bethesda...I really wanted to like this game enough to buy it but it just won't happen. Huge price for a full game and then subscription is just too much for a game that brings nothing new to the table.