We Visit GAME’s New ‘GAMEtronics’ Store

We visit the Lincoln branch of GAMEtronics, one of just two new stores that opened Friday.

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MachineGunnTalk1765d ago

lets hope we get more video game stores in canada, ebgames hires douche bags with bad customer service

SteamPowered1764d ago

True that. It's Walmart or future shop, that's pretty much it around here. I just do all my shopping online anyways. Or download digital copies.

Fasttrack761765d ago

Right next door to cex, who's prices they will always beat by £ great move

pompombrum1765d ago

Yeah but the cost of stuff in there will be more than a £1 so you're not going to get better value.

pompombrum1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Haha this is literally just up the road from where I live. Funny how it's next door to CEX which is probably cheaper and has better prices on both cost of products and trade in/cash values. It's a shame to see this store go in this direction though, was my main high street store for games before it turned into game. The staff and manager were great too.

BlackCountryBob1764d ago

I have no problem with this provided it sees proper Game stores stocking more choices of new games, it is a real failing of a specialist store to have the top 10,2 shelves of other new games and the rest pre owned often 4 or 5 times more than new stock). At least keep a couple of copies of new copies of what would be agreed as best of the generation games, just try to buy a new in plastic wrapped copy of LA Noire on the high street, near impossible.

And that is why digital download is the inevitable future!