Steam In-House Streaming Beta Impressions

George from Super Bunnyhop takes a look at Steam’s next purported game-changer: in-house streaming.

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SteamPowered1766d ago

This, this right here, may change pc gaming as we know it. If I can play games on my laptop and have my pc doing the hard lifting, it will revolutionize my house.

Elwenil1766d ago

My main issue with this is Steam's support can't even solve simple install issues, how are they going to fix this when it won't work for customers?

edqe1766d ago

Server: i5-661, 16G RAM, Radeon HD5850, SteamOS
Client: Samsung NF310, Fedora 20

My personal experience is very good so far. Even *without* HW decoding I'm able to get near "console experience" with eee-PC (NF310). Additionally there's still bug in AMD driver which makes it run ~50% slower on SteamOS.

It's still at beta stage so this is very impressive state already. If Valve is going to support ARM it will bring this tech to phones and maybe even devices like OUYA, Raspberry Pi or CuBox-i (which has 1080p HW decoding capability - -

Steam library + [email protected] experience in living room with OYUA or CuBox-i. That would be fun :)

Steam In Home Game Streaming Explained & Tested:

Coach_McGuirk1766d ago

tried it out the other day and im very impressed. I thought the input latency would be worse than it is.